Summer Staples *

The benefit to being a June baby, is that my birthday comes right at the beginning of the summer, just as I’m itching to get my hands on a new summer wardrobe. I’m pretty good when it comes to summer clothes, as I tend to invest and keep items for a number of years. This year however, my clothes selection was in need of a serious update. So here are a few of my Summer Staples for 2014….

The Bold Playsuit


I really love a good playsuit in the summer. They are so easy and light to chuck on and they can be easily dressed up or down for day to night looks. There also tends to be a wide variety of choice, on the hunt for a bold floral playsuit I was over-whelmed by the variety of choice in a range of different shops. I did however, immediately fall in love with this sunflower pattern from Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters. It’s made of a beautiful silky material that’s lightweight and the colours are really bold and summery. I found that it hung on me a lot better than other playsuits, as I have somewhat of a boyish shape some playsuits tend to be a bit baggy around the top, but this fitted perfectly. I especially love the scalloped detailing of the neckline, which adds a pretty, feminine detail to this lovely playsuit. Dressed up with my big floppy hat and round sunglasses, I felt a bit like an old school hippy in this and I can definitely see it easily teamed with a pair of wellies ready for the festival season. 


This is another playsuit that I got from Topshop a little while ago now in the Easter holidays. Like the one above, the pattern makes it easy to wear just on it’s own in the daytime, and it can be easily paired with a leather jacket and some lipstick for a smart casual night time look. I have worn this playsuit endlessly since I first bought it and it is certainly one of my favourite items of clothing.

The Floral Shorts/ Skirt 


Summer florals are always a major trend at this time of year, and so I thought it was about time I got my hands on some summery bottoms. This skirt from Topshop for me ticks a lot of boxes as it’s not just floral but it’s also a lovely vibrant red colour. I am somewhat guilty of sticking to the same old colours… black, white, grey and the occasional pink or green. So this year I’m really trying to make an effort with colours and bold patterns that I might not usually go for. For me, this skirt is ideal as it can be paired with so many different outfits and accessories. Here, I have worn it with a little white crop top from Topshop, my Cleated New Look Sandals, my Forever 21 Round Sunglasses and my Floppy Topshop Hat.


I featured these Daisy Print Culottes in a recent OOTD post and  I absolutely love them. Although they are black and white, daisies are my favourite flowers and so when I first picked these up in Topshop I knew I had to have them. Here I’ve paired them with a pretty, little, black scalloped vest top from Topshop. I really like this top, it’s much prettier and more flattering than a regular vest top and yet it easily goes with everything. Like my dark Topshop playsuit, these shorts are great in the day time but also can look really smart for drinks out with the girls, or date night.

The Striped Tee


Nautical is in this summer. The classic blue and white striped top is certainly a summer essential in my book, again mainly because it’s so flexible. Here I’ve worn it with my red skirt, but it also goes brilliantly with denim shorts for a cool dressed down look, or it looks great with a good old pair of dungarees. This long-sleeved number has lasted me a pretty long time, as it goes well with a pair of Mom-Jeans in the winter or a leather skirt and also works for those colder summer days.

The High-Waisted Denim Shorts + The Cropped Top

IMG_4840 IMG_4841

High waisted denim shorts and cropped tops are a match made in heaven for me. I am a big fan of anything high waisted as they give a lovely flattering vintage feel to any outfit. Cropped tops are always out in force during the summer and I have to admit I love them, but I tend to shy away from them. Although they are often pretty and summery, I find they can be unflattering if not worn with the right items of clothing. I certainly don’t have a wash board stomach and so I’m rather reluctant to put too much of it on show. I got these shorts last year from River Island, they’re a lovely light colour and of course can be easily paired with pretty much anything. I picked this cropped, vintage-style, floral top from Urban Outfitters in the sale, as I thought it was really cute and pretty. Together I think they just make a casual pretty outfit, without showing off too much skin.




IMG_1784 IMG_1787

Forget the LBD when summer comes around it’s all about finding the perfect Little White Dress, that’s pretty and feminine and shows off your holiday tan. I found this dress recently in Topshop and thought it was just what I was looking for. The two-tiered detail gives this dress a nice tailored look. And the scalloped edges and crotchet pattern give it a pretty, feminine style.

The Gladiator Sandals 


I tend to buy a new pair of ‘summer shoes’ (generally sandals) every year, mainly just because once I get a pair I wear them religiously for the whole summer. These Chunky Cleated Sole Gladiator Sandals caught my eye a while ago in New Look. I was impressed by the cleated soles and the gold strap details, which I think make them look much more expensive that £24.99. The chunky soles are much better for your feet than really flat sandals, and the zip down the back is handy for easily slipping them on and off without all the fiddling with little straps. I’m confident that these are going to last me a good couple of summers.

2014 Summer Staples I have yet to acquire….

co ords and two pieces

Top to Bottom, Left to Right  : 1| Pins & Needles Floral Lace Crop Top and Lace Trim Shorts – £24.00 + £22.00 (Urban Outfitters).  2| Lexi Large Floral Bandeau + Shorts Co-ord Set – £20.00 (  3| Ribbon Floral Co-ord Cami – £14.00 + £16.00 (BANK Fashion).  4| Vintage Renewal Floral Crop Top + Skirt in Blue – £28.00 + £28.00 (Urban Outfitters).  5| Bold Floral Shorts and T-Shirt – £32.99 + Out of Stock (Oasis).  6| Reclaimed Vintage Bralet and Shorts in Floral Print – £32.00 + £35.00 (ASOS).  7| Reclaimed Vintage Crop Top and Maxi Skirt in Floral Print – £30.00 + £50.00 (ASOS).


As Numbered: 1| Kimchi Blue Scarf Print Kimono Jacket – £55.00 (Urban Outfitters).  2| Denise Floral Woven Kimono – £15.00 (  3| Parisian Yellow Leaf Print Tassle Hem Kimono – £24.99 (New Look).  4| Ribbon Floral Fringe Kimono – £25.00 (BANK Fashion).  5| Tropical Bird Kimono – £40.00 (Oasis).  6. Printed Waistcoat with Fringes – £12.99 (Zara).


Got your eye on some summer staples, but not quite enough funds?  Check out, a new website which allows users to buy reduced gift cards, which you can buy here. AND you can sell your unwanted gift cards too. 



* This post was originally written as part of ‘s Closet Swap Campaign.


The Birthday Wishlist.

So it’s my birthday on Thursday (the 20th of June) and I can hardly believe it’s come around so fast. Although, looking back my little cakes and wine party with all my best friends, and going out in a borrowed gold dress from my sister and a cardboard tiara made by a friend’s boyfriend, does seem like a pretty long time ago. This year probably has been one of the most dramatic of my life so far (duh duh DUUUHH), but first year at Uni has come and gone so quickly I can hardly believe I’m at the other side of it, celebrating a new birthday. 19.

Present-wise of course, my friends and family have had a slightly more difficult time this year as I haven’t been at home to drag them around various shops endlessly hinting that THAT looks very nice. I have however, spent what I think is probably a considerable amount of time, going into shops a ‘browsing’ unable to make my student budget stretch to THAT dress or THOSE really nice shoes.

So to help them out, and to hopefully acquire some of the many, many products I have been coveting I wrote a Birthday Wishlist. Some of things you will see below are actually on the list, a few our other things that caught my eye whilst I was sourcing photos. The original Birthday list, comes with the explanation that these presents are ‘ideas’ and that I certainly don’t expect everything on there, it’s really just a guide if they have no idea.

Birthday Wishlist 1


From top left:

Pins & Needles Floral Playsuit 

I spotted this playsuit in Urban Outfitters, next to the underwear and was a little confused as to weather it was some weird kind of nightie/ sleep suit. I did however resolve that I would wear it as a day playsuit regardless, as it’s so little and pretty. I can definitely see myself wearing this and a pair of wellies at Reading later in the year. I have recently seen a sunflower version of this playsuit, which is really pretty too.

Topshop Stripe Organza Trim Crop Tee

I loved this top when I first saw it in the shop, as I am rather partial to a striped tee in the summer – they’re just so easy to pull on over a pair of denim shorts and make a really cosy, casual summer outfit. This top is particularly nice because it’s cropped, and it has a really pretty lace trim on both the arms and the hem giving it a girly touch. I’ve seen quite a few people wearing this since my local Topshop starting stocking it and it looks great paired with a number of different outfits.

White Chunky Cleated Sole Gladiator Sandals 

My favourite type of shopping is when I can actually completely justify ‘needing’ an item. I’ve recently had a few problems with achey feet and my doctor has told me that wearing flat sandals and esprdrills in the summer is definitely not helping. She suggested that if I could find some shoes with a bit more support on the bottom, then both my feet and back would be relieved from the horrors of wearing flat shoes all summer. I stumbled across this pair of sandals in New Look the other day whilst I was searching for clothes. They come in both black and white, although I thought I might be daring and try the white as it’s lovely and summery and all of my other shoes are black. These shoes weren’t on my original birthday list, however, they might be a bit of an essential if I am fortunate enough to get any spending money.

White No 1 New York Boutique Paris T-Shirt

I saw this T-shirt a pretty long time ago now in River Island, and I am both surprised and thrilled that they currently still have it in stock. I was really, really lucky last year and got to go to New York as part of a joint birthday celebration with my mum and ever since, for no particular reason I’ve really wanted some kind of t-shirt that says “New York” on it. This one for me is ideal, it’s crisp  and simple with the black and white writing and like the striped Topshop tee I can see it working nicely with a pair of denim shorts, or with jeans or skirts in the winter.

Petite Paint Floral Flippy Skirt 

Like probably a lot of people, come the summer time my wardrobe is usually in need of a bit of a colour injection. Black is certainly my winter staple and I love it, but I do like to try and mix it up a bit every now and then. I thought this skirt was a really pretty colour and could be matched with different tops for day/ night outfits.

Pink Floral High Waisted Bikini

After investing in an high-waisted bikini from Urban Outfitters, I have very much fallen in love. I just think the shape it gives me is much more flattering, and it seems to make my legs look a bit longer, which certainly is never a bad thing. Usually I wouldn’t go for a swimsuit quite as bright as this, however I really love this pattern from Topshop, I think it’s so pretty. Just have to watch out for those ‘unfashionable naked scenarios’ as Alexa Chung calls them.

Glamorous Tall Paisley Print Playsuit 

Although I certainly don’t fall into the category of “tall”, I really love the shape and pattern of this playsuit. It’s very summery and pretty and could be easily dressed up or down, for day or night.


Birthday Wishlist 2



From top left:

Elemis Total Glow Gradual Tan Bronzing Body Lotion

I’ve seen a couple of good reviews for this, and I am both a big fan of Elemis and of tanning products so I want to give this a try. Gradual tanners historically are not my favourite to use, as I find they are typically slightly more streaky to apply, however I thought this might be a good product for topping up my (hopefully natural) tan from my holiday. I’ll be sure to review this if I am lucky enough to receive it.

Benefit Dandelion Blusher

This is definitely one on the duty-free list if I get a few extra pennies. The Benefit lady used this on my face when I had my makeup done at the counter, and it really works for my paler skin. The colour is so light and pretty it’s perfect for summer as well.

Fairy Dust Scented Candle by Lily Flame

Lily Flame make some gorgeous smelling candles and Fairy Dust is by far my favourite. I used all of mine up at Uni, so I’d love to get a replacement so that I can get my room smelling like melted marshmallows again. You can read my post about this candle here.

Real Techniques Finish Perfected Blush Brush

I started out with the Real Techniques Starter Kit of brushes just before Christmas and I’ve really got on with them so well, I’d love to add the Blush Brush to my little collection as it’s just a bit of a better size for blusher that the Buffing Brush.

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

After seeing Anna’s review of this new product on Vianna Does Makeup I really wanted to give this a try. I too am a bit hopeless at eyeliner and tend to rely heavily on eye makeup remover to fix my wobbly mistakes and to make it look vaguely like a smooth line. Maybe with this product from Benefit my skills will improve!

St Tropez Face and Body Self  Tanning Kit

I have become rather fake tan obsessed ever since I recieved the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse in a goodie bag at the Bristol Bloggers meet. And of course, I am curious to try the ‘real deal’ and to compare it to my first love of fake tan.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

There’s a lot of hype around the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and I’ve always taken the opportunity to dabble in other peoples when I’ve had the chance. My friend Rachel is some what more of a makeup expert than me, so when I was having a little eyeshadow crisis she grabbed her Naked Palette, smudged a few shades onto her fingers and one, two, three I had a smoky eye in no time. The variety of shades and how easy they are to use certainly makes this product tempting.

MAC lipstick

Hands up, I’ve never owed a MAC lipstick and I think it’s about time I got my hands on one. At the moment I can’t decide whether I’d rather go for a lighter, nudey pink shade like this one for day use, or whether I want to go for a deep dark red for big nights out. Any recommendations on favourite shades will be much appreciated as the range is so vast!

Birthday Wishlist 3


Mugs and Books 

Of course, as an English Degree student there are a few books on my birthday list. The promise of having most of the summer to read whatever I like is certainly a nice thought, so I put a few on my list: God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy; Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck; A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby [making myself read this before I watch the film] and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

I have also been in the search for a really cute little mug to fill up with tea and get me through long days of essay writing next year – I really love these sweet designs from Paperchase, Emma Bridgewater and Indigo [sadly I don’t think this one is available for purchase in the UK].

So there you go, that’s a idea of some of the things I’ve got my eye on for my birthday. I’ll have to do an update on what I do get, my friends and family always have amazing surprises for me, so I’m sure I’ll be over the moon with whatever I receive.

Do you ever write birthday lists for your birthday? Or do you prefer surprises? Would your family be clueless if you didn’t give them a bit of help? Let me know.


Throwback Thursday: A Trip to Cambridge

One of the places that I love to visit when I’m at home for a bit is Cambridge, and so in the Easter holidays, my mum and sister came with me on a shopping trip. Cambridge is a really beautiful city, like Exeter it mixes the old and the new, the city and the country,combining huge brands with cute little trinket shops.

Driving in Cambridge I imagine is a bit of a nightmare, as there are bikes everywhere, and actually this is one of the things I love. In a weird way it’s so nice to see everyone cycling around in the sunshine on their old-fashioned bikes, and it really feels a lot a University town, which I like.





I particularly liked the look of this Burberry print bicycle….


We got to Cambridge at about 11.15 once we’d driven to the park and ride and got the bus into the city centre (the best way to do it in my view, as car parks are very pricey). We were all starving so we went into Giraffe, for some lunch. Admittedly, I’d never actually eaten at Giraffe before, mainly because I thought it was a vegan/ vegetarian restaurant – not sure what gave me that idea (!) – but my Mum assured me she’d been and really enjoyed the food. We sat down before they had started serving for lunch, but the staff where really friendly and they got us our drinks and menus whilst we waited. I went for a Mango Mama smoothie, which was absolutely delicious and I loved the little giraffe I got in my glass. My sister had the Fresh Lemonade with Mint, which she really liked aswell and it came in a cute little jam jar mug glass.




The menu was really good, there was such a wide selection of foods I found it tricky to pick something – I really love trying new vegetarian foods, which Giraffe caters really well for, but I also love a standard burger when I’m hungry. Eventually I went for the Hot “Thai” Duck Stirfry, this was really yummy with a sweet chilli jam which tasted so good. As usual I did away with the chopsticks and went straight in with a fork.


I did however manage to spill the chilli jam, on the white shirt I was wearing – major fail just before a shopping trip. Consequently I wore my shirt inside-out, underneath my leather jacket for the rest of the day, hoping no-one would notice. Apologies for the breast pic – but you get the idea.


Apart from this mini-dilemma I really enjoyed Giraffe, I think I’ll definately have to try out the one in Exeter and sample a few different dishes, the burgers and mexican food looked amazing. We were all too full for dessert, so after our meal we started our shopping trip, me trying to cover my chest as much as possible.

Shopping for me was very successful. At Uni I barely let myself in clothes shops – Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island, H&M and Zara are all strictly off limits, as I just know as soon as I walk in I’ll want everything in the shop, and then walk sadly out thinking about that top or dress for the rest of the week. Nope, student living and clothes shopping don’t mix. So when let loose in Topshop with the promise of money to spend I went a little crazy, picking up way too much stuff, and having to politely ask my poor sister to take some bits in with her to the changing room so that I could try everything on.

It was a little while ago now, but I can remember accurately that basically everything I brought was black ( great for a ‘summer wardrobe’….) I got a really lovely floral playsuit from Topshop and new leather jacket from H&M, which I wore on mine and Lewis’s trip to Dedham, a simple black vest top from Topshop, a pair of black shorts from H&M for going out with, a sweet little white striped mesh t-shirt from Primark and a big black floppy hat  and a new laptop bag from Topshop.

As well as getting some new clothes for me, we were also on the hunt for a dress for my sister which meant a visit to Jack Wills.


Personally I really love Jack Wills dresses, I got two in the sale a while back and wore one to the English Masquerade Ball and got a load of compliments about how flattering it was, so Eloise and I thought we’d have a look in there for her.



I really liked this dress on Eloise, it’s really pretty and summery and the short length shows off the fact that she’s the sibling with the legs in the family.

It was really nice to spend a day out with my mum and my sister shopping, as it’s one of the things I miss doing with them when I’m at Uni. There’s nothing like trying on a dress, walking to the end of the changing room, to have your sister and mum tell you it’s horrible in front of all the people waiting to get in. But in all seriousness it was a lovely day, I loved being able to visit Cambridge, especially on such a sunny day and I liked helping my sister pick a dress. I was very happy with all of my purchases (despite the lack of summery gear) and pleased that I finally had some new clothes.

Hope you enjoyed this throwback post. It’s something a bit different. Where are your favourite places to shop and who do you like shopping with?



Cycling to Dedham…

Yesterday, because the weather was so nice, Lewis and I decided to cycle to a sweet little nearby village called Dedham and spend the afternoon there. I really love cycling and I’m very lucky to have a really nice bike, so I was great to get out and away for a bit.

A couple of years ago I had a bit of a thing for vintage bikes, I really wanted an old-fashioned bike with a basket, and a ladylike frame just like the ones that people cycle around in Cambridge.  My Dad and I scoured eBay for weeks looking for the perfect old-fashioned, second-hand bike that we could buy and do up. After losing out in a fair few bidding wars we came across my bike, which we managed to purchase for a pretty cheap price, although it did need alot of work. When we picked it up it was pretty rusty, with a burgundy frame and in desperate need of some new tires. We took it to my Granddad, who’s pretty handy at this type of thing, and he spent a few weeks sanding it down, spray painting it this Royal Blue colour and replaced the tires and the saddle. He even bought me a navy blue ribbon to weave around the basket. I was so happy and overwhelmed to see what a great job he’d done and I still love to ride my vintage bike [I’m pretty sure it’s older than me]. As I’ve been away at Uni and the weather hasn’t been great, it was the perfect time to dust the old girl off. [I’m forever debating whether to take my bike to Uni, but there is a lot of hills in Exeter, and being such an old bike it only has three gears.]


We left my house at about 1 o clock and had a really lovely bike ride in the sunshine, cycling down all the little country lanes, checking out all the beautiful scenery, and passing all the massive houses and barn conversions on our way.



It takes between about half and hour and 45 minutes to get to Dedham by bike. By the time we got there Lewis was starving. We rode down the final hill into the middle of the village,locked up our bikes and walked down this little road in search of  lunch. There are a number of good places to eat in Dedham: the Essex Rose is a lovely little tea room, selling cream teas, homemade cakes and handmade sweets; although I’ve never been The Sun Inn apparently has been visited by Prince Charles; but mine and Lewis’ favourite place, and one of the poshest in Dedham, is The Boathouse.






This lovely restaurant and boathouse, sits right on the edge of the river bank. Lewis generously treated us both to a very reasonably priced 3 course meal and we sat outside in the sunshine by the river, and ate and chatted happily, watching people going up and down in the hired rowing boats. For lunch we both had Chicken + Chorizo Toastadas for our starter with Sweet Chilli Dip and a Rocket Salad, for main we both had Award-Winning Pork Sausages with Herb Mash and Sweet Red Cabbage, then for dessert I had the Apple Strudel and Lewis had the Chocolate and Coffee Mousse. It was all absolutely delicious and a really lovely Easter treat!







After lunch, we were planning to get a little rowing boat for ourselves, but by the time we’d finished it was getting pretty shady over the river and we didn’t want to get cold, so we decided to go and sit on the grass on the other side of the bank, with my picnic blanket, in the sunshine for a little while.  It was really nice to just sit and relax, chatting and soaking up the sun whilst watching all of the people in their rowing boats. There is little that is funnier than people watching, and we had a great time watching all of these dads and boyfriends trying their best to row and steer these little rowing boats without hitting anything. Much to our amusement, just infront of us in the river there was a duck and her ducklings taking a swim. This proved a major obstacle for the majority of male rowers who didn’t seem sure whether to slow down or try and go around them, trying to avoid hitting them with either the boat or the oars. In the gentlemen’s defence, [unfortunately it was mainly gentlemen rowing and the one lady we did see looked rather peculiar] however, it is a pretty tough task to take a rowing boat out at Dedham. You can either row around for an hour or two, up and down the river or [if you’re a bit of a pro] you can take a boat down the river about a mile to Flatford, stop there for a piece of cake and then row back. Whatever you do, getting the boat back on time is the biggest struggle and there’s a pretty hefty fine if you don’t make it. So me and Lewis decided to avoid all the hassle and lie around on the river band instead.





Overall, it was a really nice relaxed day, just sitting in the sunshine. I’ve been going to Dedham since I was a child – walking to Flatford, going out in the rowing boats, buying sugar mice from The Essex Rose -and so it’s lovely to visit every once in a while for a lovely calm day. It’s also nice to get a bit of time with Lewis, where we don’t have anywhere to be and we can just enjoy each others company.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do you have any favourite spots near you that you love to visit? 




This Week I’m Loving… TOPSHOP Lipstick in Mink



I would certainly say I was very happy, when I first found out that Topshop would be selling their own makeup range. With cute but simple packaging, a variety of products and colours and at a price that doesn’t make you feel too guilty, Topshop makeup is the one. I am a particular fan of their lipsticks, having now collected a few, as they are really pigmented and come in a wide range of different colours.




I picked up the lipstick in “mink” because I was looking for more of a relaxed, day to night lipstick. The colour shows up pretty well on the Topshop website and the reviews written suggest it’s a great “neutral lipstick” that “looks matte on the lips” but “feels soft and moist for a very long time”. The review did suggest that it would probably need touching up a few times, so on my first outing I took a little Real Techniques brush and the lipstick an added a bit more colour after I’d had a few drinks. As with most highstreet lipsticks I would expect to do a bit of touching up throughout the day, they don’t quite have the lasting power of, let’s say Tom Ford.


The pictures here do make it look as though it’s got a bit more of an orangey, brown tone – the Topshop website themselves describe the colour as Mocha. But as you can hopefully see in the bottom picture, it does actually have more of a dusty pinky-brown shade, which looks really pretty without looking like you’re trying too hard – Some of my friends, and bloggers I know can pull of wearing lipstick everyday, but if like me you’d rather just wear it now and then, this shade is ideal.





Hope you found this review helpful, are there any other Topshop lipsticks, or other Topshop makeup products that you’d recommend? 


Outfit: Daisy Print Culottes


Being at home for Easter has been pretty nice so far, although not without it’s issues – any student will know that living at home when you’re used to living “independently” is always a bit of a struggle. However, I have rather been enjoying having a bit of a relax, doing a bit of shopping, going out for lunches and taking my gorgeous cocker spaniel Beau out for some nice long walks.


As I had to get the train from Exeter home, my packing space was very limited and as a result I’ve had to acquire some new clothes/ wear my younger sisters every now and then (read: everyday). I brought these shorts from Topshop the other day with a £30 voucher, and my sister’s leather jacket has since found a new home in my own wardrobe.


 White Shirt – F&F

 Scatter Daisy Shorts – Topshop (£32.00)

Leather Jacket – Mango

Cross Necklace – Republic

 Cutout Boots – Topshop (£46.00)

Bag – Primark



Today me and my sister met up with my grandparents for a really yummy lunch at Pizza Express [ they are big fans of my 40% discount with the ol’ NUS card] and then came back and took Beau out with Lewis and his dog Hunter. We’d walked them in the sunshine around the local farmers field and they were both knackered when we got them home.


Beau (right) is nearly 4 years old now, but I still think she looks like a puppy – mainly because she’s quite short and a little on the chubby side. She often puts Hunter (left) in his place when we take them on walks together.


I hope you enjoyed this post, this is a new one for me so please let my know if you enjoyed it and if you’d like to see more….


Top High Street Wrist Watches

Get yourself some sophisticated, yet affordable arm candy with these top high street picks:

Triangle Face Watch - £20.00 @ Miss Selfridge

Triangle Face Watch – £20.00 @ Miss Selfridge

Black Leather Watch - £14.00 @ Miss Selfridge

Black Leather Watch – £14.00 @ Miss Selfridge

Komono Expressionist Wizard Watch - £59.99 @ Topshop

Komono Expressionist Wizard Watch – £59.99 @ Topshop

Olivia Burton Animal Motif Black Hummingbird Watch - £68.00 @ Topshop

Olivia Burton Animal Motif Black Hummingbird Watch – £68.00 @ Topshop

Olivia Burton Woodland Butterfly Bracelet Watch - £95.00 @ Topshop

Olivia Burton Woodland Butterfly Bracelet Watch – £95.00 @ Topshop

Large Crocodile Strap Watch in Black -£20.00 @ Urban Outfitters

Large Crocodile Strap Watch in Black -£20.00 @ Urban Outfitters

Olivia Burton Woodland Bee Bracelet Watch - £85.00 @ Topshop

Olivia Burton Woodland Bee Bracelet Watch – £85.00 @ Topshop

Watch with Mock Exposed Cogs Detail - £20.00 reduced to £14.00 @ ASOS

Watch with Mock Exposed Cogs Detail – £20.00 reduced to £14.00 @ ASOS

Olivia Burton Black Applied Butterfly Watch - £82.00 @ ASOS

Olivia Burton Black Applied Butterfly Watch – £82.00 @ ASOS

 Sleek Strap Watch - £20.00 @ ASOS

Sleek Strap Watch – £20.00 @ ASOS

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Which high street watch would you choose? Personally I love Olivia Burton new collection, which is available at Topshop and ASOS, they are so delicate and elegant. However, I do like the cutout detailing of the Triangle Miss Selfridge Watch, which certainly looks alot more expensive than it is!


8 Best alternative Advent Calendars

Yes it’s come round to that time of year again where it’s nearly the beginning of Advent where each day you will open a little cardboard door to unveil a minuscule piece of chocolate, generally in the shape of a Christmas present or a robin or something festive. This year however, it would appear that we might be ditching the daily dose of chocolate as a number of our favourite companies have started putting forward rather persuasive alternatives. Here’s a look at the top 8 alternative Advent Calendars available this year:

1. Freedom Advent Jewellery Calendar from Topshop

Calendar 1

Freedom for Topshop’s debut Advent Calendar is priced at £28.00 and includes: 12 pairs of stud earrings, 4 ditsy fine bracelets and 8 necklaces from the well-known Topshop jewellery brand, so by the 25th of December you’ll be covered in bling.

2. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Calendar 9

Yankee Candle’s gorgeous wreath shaped Advent Calendar is retailing at just £21.99. Behind each door you will find a cute little tea light, one for each day until Christmas. Fragrances include: Snow in Love, Balsam & Cedar, Merry Marshmallow, Red Apple Wreath, Snowflake Cookie and Sparkling Cinnamon – to keep your house smelling festive throughout the whole of December.

3. The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Calendar 10

On sale for £30 The Body Shop Advent Calendar includes everything from hand cream, to all of your favourite body lotions, lip butters and delicious soaps. The products themselves are worth over £65 in total so you’re getting a good bargain for you money and a special treat every day. [Sorry I can’t seem to find a link for this online, I will update this post if I do find a link]

4. Benefit ‘Countdown to Love’ Advent Calendar


The one that a lot of Benefit fans have been waiting for! The Benefit ‘Countdown to Love’ Advent Calendar is being sold at a somewhat pricey £50 but it does include a great range of travel size products from BADgirl waterproof eye liner to Dandelion blusher. Currently this product appears to be sold out on the Benefit website, but keep your eyes peeled as it’s likely to be back in stock before 1st December. Click here to read a review:

5. Boots Beauty Advent Calendar

Calendar 5

Another great value for money gift is the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. Like the Body Shop one this calendar is worth £65 but retailed for just £30 and includes products from brands such as Mavala, Seventeen, Paco Rabanne and Nails Inc. I’ve got my eye on this one personally!

6. YOU Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar


The best value for money, this YOU Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar is available for £49.95, with the contents inside worth £240,so a very good investment if you like YOU Beauty boxes. YOU have been doing advent calendars for a while now and the reviews always seem good, so maybe one worth looking at if you fancy treating yourself or a loved one. Contents include products from brands such as Caudalie, ESPA, Sisley, Stila and many more…

7. Selfridges’ Beauty Advent Calendar

Calendar 8

The most expensive one on the list, but also pretty much guaranteed to be the most luxurious Selfridges’ Beauty Advent Calendar will add a little glamour to your Christmas this year. Priced at £84.00 it is certainly more of a Christmas present than merely a countdown to the day, but saying that you do appear to get a wide variety of products for your money as you can see above. With this cheeky Advent Calendar you will receive fragrances, makeup and skin cares products from Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl’s, Victor and Rolf and many others.

8. Ciate Mini Mani Month


Time to get your nails ready! This Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar will see that you have a colour for every occasion. The Calendar is available for £42.00 and features 19 of Ciate’s best-selling Paint Pots and 4 textured manicure toppers from Caviar to Sequin, as well as a surprise full-sized paint pot. What is there not to love?

That’s it for my top 8 alternative Advent Calendars for this year. I would love to know, if you liked this post, if you’re looking at getting a calendar yourself or which you would most like to find on your doorstep on the 1st December. Thanks for reading, comment below and let me know!

Harriette Xxx

Hello November Wishlist.


Top from Left to Right: 1. Topshop – Daisy Spot Tunic Dress £42.00,  2. Topshop – Croc Frame Box Bag £28.00,  3. River Island – Cream Cable Knit Colour Block Jumper £35.00, 4. New Look – Black Daisy Printed Belted Skater Skirt £17.99,  5. Zara – Polka Dot Dress With Peter Pan Collar £35.99, 6. Topshop– Petite Tulle Strappy Midi Dress £30.00,  7. River Island – Black Rihanna Floral Pleat Back Shirt £45.00,  8. River Island – Black Shearling Lined Longline Biker Jacket £80.00,  9. Accessorize – Spacedye Knitted Pom Beanie £17.00,  10. Dorothy Perkins – Ivory Cable Fluffy Jumper £28.00. 

What’s on your November wishlist?

Harriette Xxx

This Week I’m Loving… TOPSHOP’s Marquis Multi Buckle Boots

Last week I found out that I have got my place at Exeter University to study English Literature  and ever since then I’ve been packing up my stuff and most enjoyably buying new stuff to take with me, just like these new winter boots! I found these on the Topshop website at the beginning of the week and tried them on instore today and totally fell in love.


Unfortunately these boots are not real leather but the buckle detail on the sides gives them a slouchy, grunge feel which would work great when dressing down a pretty dress ready for the festival season. They are also fur-lined giving them a snug and cosy feel inside, almost like slippers. I would HIGHLY recommend these an an essential for your winter wardrobe.

Levi Jacket - Urban Outfitters £55 Dress - Topshop £25 Boots - Topshop £45 Bag - Primark Watch - Marc Jacobs

Levi Jacket – Urban Outfitters £55
Dress – Topshop £25
Boots – Topshop £45
Bag – Primark
Watch – Marc Jacobs

Harriette xxx