Lazy Sunday | Things I’m Loving At the Moment

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and as such I have decided to write a Things I’m Loving post. Here’s a list of the little things I am obsessing over at the moment….

ACCESSORIES | Olivia Burton Winter Garden Leather Watch


I have been absolutely head over heels in love with Olivia Burton watches ever since I wrote my Top High Street Watches post, back in god knows when. Her designs are simple and delicate, and I always planned one day to invest in a really beautiful watch. I’ve had some really horrible news this week, which I’ve really been struggling with, and my mum and my boyfriend have been really amazing supports on the phone in reassuring me that things are actually ‘going to be ok’. Anyway, I came home on Friday to a parcel from John Lewis and my wonderful mum had sent me this lovely surprise with the note “Just a little something to cheer you up, Love Mum”. I nearly started crying right there, because it was so sweet and thoughtful and the watch itself is so chic and elegant. I am absolutely in love, I can’t stop looking at it. I would definitely recommend having a look at her collection on John Lewis or ASOS, as she does a really great range of watches, some at pretty reasonable prices.

EATS | Hot-Cross Buns


Pinterest Image

It’s that time of year again where there are hot cross buns all over the supermarkets, and although I have never liked them before, I am becoming a bit obsessed. Get me a hot cross bun, a cup of tea and a book at the weekend and I will be happy. They’re so yummy and so cheap to buy! I’m very excited to do a little Waitrose shop soon and see if I can pick up a few different flavours – cinnamon and raisin here I come!

FACE:  No7 Makeup Goodies

IMG_0127I’ve had a pretty hectic couple of weeks, with lots of Uni work to do, and as a result my makeup situation has gotten pretty dire. I ran out of foundation completely on the day I planned to go into town to restock my makeup bag, and ended up covering my face in the last smidgen of concealer I could find – not a good look. It was rather embarrassing, when the lady at the makeup counter asked me what base I had used that morning: “Ermm…”.  On the search for both foundation and concealer, I was hoping there might be a good deal in Boots. It was the Buy One Get One Half Price deal at No7, which caught my attention, and of course the added luxury of finding a lady to help me find my perfect shade without too much effort, was too good to pass up.  I ended up walking away with the Beautifully Matte Foundation and the Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer, both of which match together beautifully. And it only came to £20, a little bit more than I might usually spend, but so far I’m really happy with both products so that’s good news, and of course having proper makeup doing its actual job is always nice.

HAIR: Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Crystal Shine Shampoo and Conditioner


On this journey to get myself back to some kind of normality (just trying to make myself feel more like myself really) I have also had my hair done – as the roots of my blonde highlighted hair where almost covering the whole top of my head, making it look more like I’d just dip-dyed the ends blonde, as opposed not having enough time/money to sort my barnet out. I did, however, read a comforting snippet in Fabulous Magazine, which was talking about how roots are in, so that was nice for a week or so. But I am happily blonde again, the split ends have been trimmed away and my mother (again the wonder that she is) has found me the best shampoo and conditioner set. I’ve actually had this set since Christmas, but I sadly forgot to take it back with me to Uni and as a result we have only just been reunited. It’s the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Crystal Shine Shampoo and Conditioner developed with Claudia Schiffer and it is absolutely divine. The scent is a bit hard to put my finger on, it smells quite like coconut and vanilla, and completely like you’ve just had your hair professionally washed in the salon. And it feels like that too, really sleek and soft and light – I am completely in love. The shampoo and conditioner set themselves, do come in at about £10 together, fully priced (fingers crossed for some deals soon), which is expensive when I consider that I usually try and stick to more around the £3-£5 mark, but for a little treat or if you’re got a bit of cash to spare I was totally recommend these products – they literally make me feel like Claudia Schiffer after I’ve blow dried my hair, hair swishing adverts here I come!

WEAR: BDG Mom Jeans 


I’ve been on the search for a pair of light denim Mom Jeans for a while now, so with Urban Outfitter’s tempting me with £10 off offer, I had to try a pair on. Then of course I had to buy them, just to see if they would potentially go with any of my tops at home – I can always take them back after all…. Although not quite as soft as my faithful black Topshop pair, these jeans are super comfy, and not too tough around the tummy area, which is nice. They’re a great colour for spring and are currently making me feel summery already, even if they do still have the labels in…

That’s my list of things I’m loving at the moment, what are you loving right now? 



Lazy Sundays | University Instagram Snaps

I’ve been at back at Exeter for about 7 weeks now, and away from blogging for about 4. So I thought this was a nice, little, easy update on how things have been going recently.

Working from the top down, I’m so happy to be back in Exeter as it has all of this beautiful countryside! The image featured above is of my walk to University, which is really lovely when the weather is nice and pretty horrible when it’s not. | I was lucky enough to review some amazing Arbonne products during Fresher’s week – you can read my blog post about them here. Since trying them out I have HAD to buy both the primer and the cleanser and absolutely love both, my skin has never looked so good! | Ofcourse, I had to get my hair sorted when I got back to Uni, as I’d just sort of let it grow out over the summer. Getting it cut and coloured was just what I needed – even if it did come with a horribly big price tag….

I went home briefly for an orthodontist appointment about 3 weeks ago, and picked up these lovely bits from Sainsbury’s – the TU clothing section is definitely not to be underrated | Here I am with my two lovely housemates Giulia and Anna, out for Giulia’s birthday at a really great cocktail place called Urban Underground, I was about two cocktails down at this point and wearing my new Topshop leather dress from the summer sale | The next two are a few of my cooking innovations, inspired by the wonderful Londoner – if you’ve not checked out her blog yet, the food stuff in particular is amazing! Here I have made her Dip n Share Eggs, and her Tommy Tart.

Next up is the typical “mug of tea” photo. I was procrastinating heavily whilst reading for my course and made myself a cup of Peppermint Green Tea to help fend off my cold. I got this mug for my birthday and I absolutely love it, it’s by Sophie Allport who makes a range of mugs with different patterns on, and different phrases printed on the inside.| Lewis came to visit me for a week, during his reading week and we had a really wonderful time. The first image is from St Nicholas Market in Bristol [ which is a must-see and reminds me a lot of Camden] and the second of course is from Halloween. I went dressed as a creepy doll and Lewis went as a zombie, with his very own homemade blood stained T-shirt . | The final picture is from my favourite restaurant Bill’s, where we had an amazing brunch [just looking at that image again is making me hungry] and I drank so much tea because that teapot filled about 8 cups – bliss.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, it’s something a bit different. From now on I will be posting on here every Sunday and Tuesday, so if you liked this post make sure you look out for more! 



Bath + Shower Favourites

Ever since going to University, I have been a little bit obsessed with fancy toiletry goodies. Anything that’s a little bit luxury and smells nice is a little bit special when you’re at Uni to be honest and so I sort of starting collecting toiletries. I celebrated my birthday the summer before going to Uni and so I had a lot of nice birthday gifts to take with me including a Ted Baker bath and shower set, a Baylis and Harding bath and shower set, and some Lush goodies. As if this wasn’t enough, I also attended two bloggers meets, one in January and another in June where I received even more lovely shower products. So here it is a list of a few of my favourites that always cheered me up (wow, that’s a little sad) after a crappy day because there’s nothing like feeling clean and warm and relaxed and smelling good.  



Lush “Whoosh” Shower Jelly

I’ve been picking this up for just over a year now and I really like it. I first became aware of this product when I received it as a birthday gift from my boyfriend’s nan a couple of weeks before I started my A levels, as it claims to give “renewed focus with tired jet lagged or revising for exams”. For my birthday this year I actually received two tubs of this, the smaller tub from Lewis and this larger tub from my mum. Made with lemon, lime, grapefruit and rosemary, I like it because it smells quite a bit like Jelly Babies. I think the renewed focus is more the result a placebo effect than the actual product itself, although you do have to concentrate pretty hard with this slippery substance in the shower so maybe that’s where the focus comes in. 



Lee Stafford “Get’s Rid of Frizz” Treatment

This is, and has been for a while, my absolute favourite shower product. I got this in my goodie bag at the Bristol Bloggers Meet, and didn’t actually touch it for about 4 months. Then one day I came across it, and decided to put it in my en suite and use it the next time I had a shower. This stuff is absolutely uh-mazing! To start with, it smells incredible, sort of floral and coconutty, giving you that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ whiff. This product is designed to be used between you’re shampoo and conditioner as a hair mask. You take an egg-sized scoop of product and put it all over your hair, leaving it for a set amount of time so that it sinks in properly. I’ve been using this product for a pretty long time now, and I still have a little bit left, so it does last a long time. This treatment is fantastic for nourishing dry hair, detangling and just making sure you get a smooth, sleek, shiny blow-dry. Perfect! Generally it says to use a conditioner afterwards, but you’ll probably find that you don’t need one. This product particularly came to my rescue when I used to go swimming in the mornings at Uni, as a small amount of treatment would easily detangle those stubborn chlorine-induced knots. 



Boots “Build Up Removal Expert” Shampoo 

I bought this after reading a couple of good reviews on a few different blogs about how it can really declog all of that product build up out of your hair. I have to admit I was surprised at the hefty price tag of just under £4.00 but I decided that for a product that I was only going to use one in a while to detoxify and remove all the impurities from my hair, it wasn’t too bad. For me this product is perfect for when I feel like i’ve been using a lot of products in my hair. Shampoo, Conditioner, Heat Protection Spray, Sea Salt Spray, Dry Shampoo – it can all make my hair feel heavy and thick, so using this shampoo to wash that all away leaves me feeling much lighter and cleaner. 



Soap and Glory ” The Scrub Of Your Life” Body Scrub and “Glad Hair Day” Shampoo

I hadn’t actually tried out a Soap and Glory product until last Christmas, I’d just gotten the blogging bug and so I was on the look out for brands that all the beauty bloggers were using. I’d always seen Soap and Glory products and loved the puny names and retro design, but the cost did put me off trying any. In recent years however, I have made the momentous discovery that is Boots on Boxing Day and I have to say I would recommend everyone go. Long story short, I used to head straight for Topshop for the Boxing Day sales until I realised that Boots sell all of their fancy gift sets half price. Needless to say I was extremely happy when I picked up a Soap and Glory Bubble Barrel complete with 6 miniature products for only £6.00! I love all of them individually but “The Scrub of Your Life” and “Glad Hair Day” smell particularly good and are so handy for shoving in my bag for a weekend in London with Lewis or for a holiday, or just for when I feel like smelling amazing.

IMG_5338 IMG_5339

Elemis “Skin Buff” Face Scrub

Elemis are a really terrific skincare brand and I really love their scented cleansers and toners. I got this “Skin Buff” in my Elemis Skin Brilliance Hydrating Skincare set [which I had reviewed here] and initially I wasn’t really a big fan. Face scrubs aren’t really my favourites as I have pretty sensitive skin and my cheeks tend to go all red and a bit sore if I use a face scrub, so I tend to just stick to cleansers. When I first gave this a go I found it to be a bit rough and sandpapery. However, after going a while without using it, I reread the instructions on the back and had another go. This time I was a lot more gentle, and i found it a lot more comfortable. The “Skin Buff” for me works better than other face scrubs as it has really tiny grains, rather than larger beads and so it’s a lot softer. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking brighter. I’m not really sure that I would buy this product on it’s own, but as part of a set I’m happy to use it when my skin is looking a little dull. 

IMG_5341 IMG_5343

Ted Baker “Body Scrub”

From face scrub and onto body scrub, as you might be able to tell I’ve gotten into the whole exfoliating thing at the moment, mainly because I’ve been slapping on the fake tan in this summer weather. This body scrub from Ted Baker looks pretty much just like salt, and rubs gently onto the skin to give a lovely soft finish. I love putting it on my legs after I shave them, to leave them feeling soft and silky smooth all day.

IMG_5352 IMG_5353Yves Rocher Organic Raspberry “Exfoliating Shower Gel”

Ok, so maybe not actually one of my favourites, as the actually exfoliating parts are a bit rough and annoying and end up all over the shower. But I do appreciate the fact that some of the exfoliating beads look like, or are, strawberry seeds. The only reason I’ve mentioned this product really is because it smells like jam, which is a bit of a novelty.

IMG_5347 IMG_5349Betty Jackson “Fresh Lavender” Bath Oil 

Of course one of the great things about being at home and not in halls is that I can have lovely long baths and watch Netflix on my laptop. Ah bliss. I found this cute little Betty Jackson Black set in our spare room, complete with lavender candle, this bath oil and a lavender body butter. Lavender in itself is great for a long relaxing bath as it’s a naturally soothing smell and the oily texture of the product actually makes your skin feel really smooth and lovely. Even on getting out of the bath, my skin was still all oily and moisturise, which might not be for everyone but I didn’t mind it. I fell asleep very quickly that evening, and have saved the rest of the bottle for the day I get home from Reading Festival – although I think i’ll have a little shower first! 

I hope you enjoyed this post of my bath and shower favourites. What are some of your favourite products to use in the shower or the bath?


8 Best alternative Advent Calendars

Yes it’s come round to that time of year again where it’s nearly the beginning of Advent where each day you will open a little cardboard door to unveil a minuscule piece of chocolate, generally in the shape of a Christmas present or a robin or something festive. This year however, it would appear that we might be ditching the daily dose of chocolate as a number of our favourite companies have started putting forward rather persuasive alternatives. Here’s a look at the top 8 alternative Advent Calendars available this year:

1. Freedom Advent Jewellery Calendar from Topshop

Calendar 1

Freedom for Topshop’s debut Advent Calendar is priced at £28.00 and includes: 12 pairs of stud earrings, 4 ditsy fine bracelets and 8 necklaces from the well-known Topshop jewellery brand, so by the 25th of December you’ll be covered in bling.

2. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Calendar 9

Yankee Candle’s gorgeous wreath shaped Advent Calendar is retailing at just £21.99. Behind each door you will find a cute little tea light, one for each day until Christmas. Fragrances include: Snow in Love, Balsam & Cedar, Merry Marshmallow, Red Apple Wreath, Snowflake Cookie and Sparkling Cinnamon – to keep your house smelling festive throughout the whole of December.

3. The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Calendar 10

On sale for £30 The Body Shop Advent Calendar includes everything from hand cream, to all of your favourite body lotions, lip butters and delicious soaps. The products themselves are worth over £65 in total so you’re getting a good bargain for you money and a special treat every day. [Sorry I can’t seem to find a link for this online, I will update this post if I do find a link]

4. Benefit ‘Countdown to Love’ Advent Calendar


The one that a lot of Benefit fans have been waiting for! The Benefit ‘Countdown to Love’ Advent Calendar is being sold at a somewhat pricey £50 but it does include a great range of travel size products from BADgirl waterproof eye liner to Dandelion blusher. Currently this product appears to be sold out on the Benefit website, but keep your eyes peeled as it’s likely to be back in stock before 1st December. Click here to read a review:

5. Boots Beauty Advent Calendar

Calendar 5

Another great value for money gift is the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. Like the Body Shop one this calendar is worth £65 but retailed for just £30 and includes products from brands such as Mavala, Seventeen, Paco Rabanne and Nails Inc. I’ve got my eye on this one personally!

6. YOU Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar


The best value for money, this YOU Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar is available for £49.95, with the contents inside worth £240,so a very good investment if you like YOU Beauty boxes. YOU have been doing advent calendars for a while now and the reviews always seem good, so maybe one worth looking at if you fancy treating yourself or a loved one. Contents include products from brands such as Caudalie, ESPA, Sisley, Stila and many more…

7. Selfridges’ Beauty Advent Calendar

Calendar 8

The most expensive one on the list, but also pretty much guaranteed to be the most luxurious Selfridges’ Beauty Advent Calendar will add a little glamour to your Christmas this year. Priced at £84.00 it is certainly more of a Christmas present than merely a countdown to the day, but saying that you do appear to get a wide variety of products for your money as you can see above. With this cheeky Advent Calendar you will receive fragrances, makeup and skin cares products from Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl’s, Victor and Rolf and many others.

8. Ciate Mini Mani Month


Time to get your nails ready! This Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar will see that you have a colour for every occasion. The Calendar is available for £42.00 and features 19 of Ciate’s best-selling Paint Pots and 4 textured manicure toppers from Caviar to Sequin, as well as a surprise full-sized paint pot. What is there not to love?

That’s it for my top 8 alternative Advent Calendars for this year. I would love to know, if you liked this post, if you’re looking at getting a calendar yourself or which you would most like to find on your doorstep on the 1st December. Thanks for reading, comment below and let me know!

Harriette Xxx

This Week I’m Loving… TOPSHOP’s Marquis Multi Buckle Boots

Last week I found out that I have got my place at Exeter University to study English Literature  and ever since then I’ve been packing up my stuff and most enjoyably buying new stuff to take with me, just like these new winter boots! I found these on the Topshop website at the beginning of the week and tried them on instore today and totally fell in love.


Unfortunately these boots are not real leather but the buckle detail on the sides gives them a slouchy, grunge feel which would work great when dressing down a pretty dress ready for the festival season. They are also fur-lined giving them a snug and cosy feel inside, almost like slippers. I would HIGHLY recommend these an an essential for your winter wardrobe.

Levi Jacket - Urban Outfitters £55 Dress - Topshop £25 Boots - Topshop £45 Bag - Primark Watch - Marc Jacobs

Levi Jacket – Urban Outfitters £55
Dress – Topshop £25
Boots – Topshop £45
Bag – Primark
Watch – Marc Jacobs

Harriette xxx

I’m Loving…Cut-Out Boots


Cut-out Boots are set to be a BIG trend for spring/summer 2013 as inspired by Balenciaga.  ( think of how big creepers were at the end of last year) And I for one will be looking to rustle up some monies to purchase myself a pair of these beauties!

As demonstrated by the likes of Rihanna, 90210’s Shenae Grimes and Mary-Kate Olsen these boots can bring a sense of the effortlessly cool to any outfit whether they are grunging down a floral summer dress or adding a sexy flash of ankle to a pair of black ripped skinny jeans.

Mary Kate Olsen wear Balenciaga cut-out boots$1275

Mary Kate Olsen wear Balenciaga cut-out boots

However, if like me, the designer boots are a bit beyond your price range, fear not! there are plenty of excellent high street alternatives

to purchase now :

topshop boots

Aftershock Cutout Lace-up Boots- £85

Topshop already have a great range of Cutout Boots available on their website.

I first came across these Aftershock Cutout Lace-up Boots when a girl in my media class walked in with them on, combining them with blue skinnies and a knitted jumper for a casual and understated look. These shoes are slightly more elegant, it could be argued than the Balenciaga boots and the contrasting sole makes them even more on-trend. Could be easily paired with a summer dress for a quick and easy chic style.

ARISTOTLE Chunky Tassle Boots - £98

ARISTOTLE Chunky Tassle Boots – £98





Complete with tassles, gold buckles and brogue-detailing, these chunky Aristotle boots have somewhat more of a grunge-feel about them. Might be styled with black skinny jeans, a black top and leather jacket with a messy fish tail plait for that ultimate dressed-down grunge look or simply a pair of acid-washed high waisted shorts and a band t-shirt, ready to hit the festivals.

To avoid being too Topshop-centric [although they do have the best range as far as Cutout boots are concerned!]

Here are some other brands:

Brown Cut Out Back Biker Boots -£60

Brown Cut Out Back Biker Boots -£60



These River Island Brown Biker Boots are slightly different with their cut-out heel. The brown faux leather, pointed toe and buckles give these boots more of the resemblance of  a cowboy boot, meaning they are likely to be spot-on trend for summer as wild west/cowboy inspired style always appears to be a strong trend come the summer.

Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots - £34.99

Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots – £34.99






For girls on a budget these Misguided Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots are ideal for keeping up with the trends without breaking the bank, and these contrasting soles work perfectly. If there are a particular pair that you like on the Topshop website, keep an eye out on Misguided as they tend to make good copies.


So there you go, there are a wide variety of cut-out boots available and the ones shown here are only a few. However, if you do like any of these pairs you’d better get to those online checkouts quick as the large majority of pairs are running out of stock. Enjoy!

Harriette xx