PR/ Disclaimer

As of March 2014 any posts marked with an * will indicate either that the item featured is a PR sample or that the post has been sponsored. This doesn’t not mean that I am going to rave about the product, however the fact that I have featured it on my blog means that I believe it fits into my blogs content at the moment, and that it is a product that I or people I know would personally buy ourselves. I will always give my honest opinion about products, which might mean a few negative reviews but that’s the only way to ensure that I can advise products that are going to do the best job.


If you are a PR company and think that I might be interested in reviewing a product/ writing a sponsored post then you can contact me at I will be very honest about whether I think the product/ company will fit into my blog’s content at the time of contact. If you are a reader and you have any questions about this disclaimer, or any other questions about my blog, please feel free to contact me on the same email.

I look forward to hearing from you



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