Lazy Sunday | Things I’m Loving At the Moment

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and as such I have decided to write a Things I’m Loving post. Here’s a list of the little things I am obsessing over at the moment….

ACCESSORIES | Olivia Burton Winter Garden Leather Watch


I have been absolutely head over heels in love with Olivia Burton watches ever since I wrote my Top High Street Watches post, back in god knows when. Her designs are simple and delicate, and I always planned one day to invest in a really beautiful watch. I’ve had some really horrible news this week, which I’ve really been struggling with, and my mum and my boyfriend have been really amazing supports on the phone in reassuring me that things are actually ‘going to be ok’. Anyway, I came home on Friday to a parcel from John Lewis and my wonderful mum had sent me this lovely surprise with the note “Just a little something to cheer you up, Love Mum”. I nearly started crying right there, because it was so sweet and thoughtful and the watch itself is so chic and elegant. I am absolutely in love, I can’t stop looking at it. I would definitely recommend having a look at her collection on John Lewis or ASOS, as she does a really great range of watches, some at pretty reasonable prices.

EATS | Hot-Cross Buns


Pinterest Image

It’s that time of year again where there are hot cross buns all over the supermarkets, and although I have never liked them before, I am becoming a bit obsessed. Get me a hot cross bun, a cup of tea and a book at the weekend and I will be happy. They’re so yummy and so cheap to buy! I’m very excited to do a little Waitrose shop soon and see if I can pick up a few different flavours – cinnamon and raisin here I come!

FACE:  No7 Makeup Goodies

IMG_0127I’ve had a pretty hectic couple of weeks, with lots of Uni work to do, and as a result my makeup situation has gotten pretty dire. I ran out of foundation completely on the day I planned to go into town to restock my makeup bag, and ended up covering my face in the last smidgen of concealer I could find – not a good look. It was rather embarrassing, when the lady at the makeup counter asked me what base I had used that morning: “Ermm…”.  On the search for both foundation and concealer, I was hoping there might be a good deal in Boots. It was the Buy One Get One Half Price deal at No7, which caught my attention, and of course the added luxury of finding a lady to help me find my perfect shade without too much effort, was too good to pass up.  I ended up walking away with the Beautifully Matte Foundation and the Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer, both of which match together beautifully. And it only came to £20, a little bit more than I might usually spend, but so far I’m really happy with both products so that’s good news, and of course having proper makeup doing its actual job is always nice.

HAIR: Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Crystal Shine Shampoo and Conditioner


On this journey to get myself back to some kind of normality (just trying to make myself feel more like myself really) I have also had my hair done – as the roots of my blonde highlighted hair where almost covering the whole top of my head, making it look more like I’d just dip-dyed the ends blonde, as opposed not having enough time/money to sort my barnet out. I did, however, read a comforting snippet in Fabulous Magazine, which was talking about how roots are in, so that was nice for a week or so. But I am happily blonde again, the split ends have been trimmed away and my mother (again the wonder that she is) has found me the best shampoo and conditioner set. I’ve actually had this set since Christmas, but I sadly forgot to take it back with me to Uni and as a result we have only just been reunited. It’s the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Crystal Shine Shampoo and Conditioner developed with Claudia Schiffer and it is absolutely divine. The scent is a bit hard to put my finger on, it smells quite like coconut and vanilla, and completely like you’ve just had your hair professionally washed in the salon. And it feels like that too, really sleek and soft and light – I am completely in love. The shampoo and conditioner set themselves, do come in at about £10 together, fully priced (fingers crossed for some deals soon), which is expensive when I consider that I usually try and stick to more around the £3-£5 mark, but for a little treat or if you’re got a bit of cash to spare I was totally recommend these products – they literally make me feel like Claudia Schiffer after I’ve blow dried my hair, hair swishing adverts here I come!

WEAR: BDG Mom Jeans 


I’ve been on the search for a pair of light denim Mom Jeans for a while now, so with Urban Outfitter’s tempting me with £10 off offer, I had to try a pair on. Then of course I had to buy them, just to see if they would potentially go with any of my tops at home – I can always take them back after all…. Although not quite as soft as my faithful black Topshop pair, these jeans are super comfy, and not too tough around the tummy area, which is nice. They’re a great colour for spring and are currently making me feel summery already, even if they do still have the labels in…

That’s my list of things I’m loving at the moment, what are you loving right now? 



Birthday Celebrations in London

For my birthday last week, Lewis took me to London for a surprise meal out. I’d just got back from University so it was really lovely to get a spend a bit of time just the two of us and it was easy enough to hop on the train and stay over at Lewis’ student accommodation for the night. It was a nice day so we went to Covent Garden for a wander round. I love Covent Garden because there’s always something going on, whether it’s the decorations in shop windows or street entertainment.

IMG_4734 IMG_4707 IMG_4735 IMG_4736




Here’s Lewis proving that he’s a 6ft 5″ big kid….

He wouldn’t tell me where we were going for dinner so I found it a bit difficult to decide what to wear. He just told me it was a sort of casual, cool place as opposed to a posh restaurant. In the end I decided to wear my new skirt (that he bought me as a birthday present) from Topshop and an Urban Outfitters top.




Top – Urban Outfitters

Skirt – Topshop

Leather Jacket – H&M

Bag – River Island

Necklace – Republic

Shoes – Topshop

IMG_4741 IMG_4742


I was so excited when I turned round a corner and saw Jamie’s Italien and Lewis told me that that was where we were going. I’ve been going out with this boy for two years now and he definitely knows how to impress. I was tempted to ask to sit outside as the little chairs and tables and lovely flower beds looked really inviting, however it was a little bit chilly so we decided to stay inside. The interior had a really cool warehouse feel – a bit like an old wine cellar – and cosy lighting. They had really cool copper taps in the bathrooms swell, which probably impressed me more than it should have.



Of course I was very excited to get my hands on the menu. I’d purposely skipped lunch so I could enjoy every mouthful – knowing that Lewis would pick a good place to visit. There was certainly a lot of choice available, so I was pleased that I didn’t have to decide right away. Lewis went for a “Jamie’s Own” Liberta Beer, which he said was very nice. I was tempted to go for a cocktail but settled for an non-alcoholic Refresher, [fresh lemon, elderflower cordial & cranberry juice, topped with lemonade] which tasted amazing.


IMG_4713 IMG_4745 IMG_4715

After scouring the menu for a while, we both went for The Jamie’s Italian Burger [prime British chuck & flank steak with smoked mozzarella, mortadella, balsamic onions] and Funky Chips with fresh garlic and parsley. When the food turned up it was huge – of course Jamie Oliver isn’t know for making delicate little dishes and so I should have expected a good healthy plate of food. It tasted SO GOOD. The chips in particular were my favourite.

I said to Lewis if I could go back in time like the guy in About Time I’d go back and eat that meal a couple more times. I didn’t understand why in the film, he didn’t use his power to re-eat anything. We all have those moments where we eat something amazing and then feel sad when it’s all gone don’t we?





I have no idea how I had room for dessert, but I couldn’t pass up trying this Raspberry & Chocolate Rippled Pavlova. My nan makes the BEST pavlova in the world, but sadly I haven’t had one in ages so I thought I’d give Jamie’s version a try. It was pretty nice and I especially liked the raspberry sauce, however I think my nan’s is still my favourite. Lewis opted for the Epic Homemade Brownie which was really rich and yummy.

After dinner we were both pretty full so went for a wander around The Strand to stretch our legs. Then we walked back across the Waterloo Bridge. I have been jealous all year of the fact that Lewis has this amazing view that he gets to see everyday on his walk to University.




We were both quite tired after dinner so we ended the evening watching the last couple of episodes of Breaking Bad together in bed, a great end to the night as far as I was concerned.

The next morning I was eager to get up and out as we had to get the train back home at two, so Lewis and I decided we’d go back to Chelsea.






We’d been to Chelsea previously and really enjoyed it. There’s a great range of shops and cafes on the Kings Road, and loads of pretty parks and fountains. Sloane Square in particular is wonderful to explore, and it was lovely to just sit and relax in the sunshine and people watch – there’s certainly a lot of people to be watching in Chelsea.


Dress – Topshop

Leather Jacket – H&M

 Floppy Hat + Shoes – Topshop

After we’d wandered around the shops for a bit, we took a walk slightly off the main road and had a look at all of the beautiful rows of houses. I was particularly impressed with all of the well kept flower boxes.

IMG_4769 IMG_4770 IMG_4771

We stopped for a bite to eat at My Old Dutch, a really cool pancake place that I’d been to once before with my best friend and her family when I was 11 and really wanted to take Lewis too. The pancakes are pretty big (although admittedly they looked considerably bigger aged 11) and you can pick from the menu or customise your own. Lewis went for the simple, sweet ice cream and maple syrup choice and I chose a savoury pancake.


It was sad to get the train home as I love London and I’d had such a wonderful couple of days with Lewis, but I felt like we’d managed to fit quite a bit into our day and a half and I was grateful to him for organising it all. Now I’ve just got to get my plans together for his birthday….


Photo Credits: Lewis Foster 

Grabbing a Burger at Hub box

Everybody loves a good burger. Lewis and I are very much burger and chips people, we’d rather go out and have a nice pizza or a really good burger [more like gastro pub food ], than go to a really posh restaurant. We’ve tried out a few places in Exeter and not really been disappointed with anywhere, but I’ve been hearing a lot about a few nice and actually pretty cheap burger places in town, so I wanted to take Lewis when he visited.

To be honest, I must have walked past Hubbox a million times and not really noticed it was there, although from the outside it’s got a bit of a retro feel about it, I think I previously dismissed it as a takeaway restaurant, and didn’t really associate it with the burger restaurant that I kept hearing about.









I really loved the retro – American feel of this restaurant, it was really cool and there was lots to look at all over the walls and at other people’s food.We both said it was the type of place that would do really well in somewhere like Camden, because it was pretty edgy and different. Even the guys that worked there looked like hipsters in their green T-Shirts, Lewis was particularly impressed by our waiter’s Foo Fighter’s tattoo on the back of his neck.

And then the food came…. Oh wow. The burgers were good, but not anything too amazing to be honest – I think I still prefer a good Byron’s burger but the chips were SO good. Really salty, American skin-on fries that I could literally have eaten all day – and there were plenty to eat. Lewis and I both only went for regular fries but we seemed to get loads.



It was actually a fairly cheap lunch, as it only came to £19.00 for the both of us, which I thought was pretty decent, particularly for the amount of food you got. I think they did have a dessert menu, but we where way to full from lunch. It was a really lovely break from a long morning of revision, and I managed to cross another restaurant of my list of places I want to visit over my years here at Uni – I will definitely have to try out rival Urban Burger next time I am looking for somewhere to eat, and Exeter is getting a Byron’s soon, which I’m pretty excited about. Seems that Lewis and I will get our burger and chips after all.

You can check out the Hubbox website here if you’re interested. There’s only two in the country at the moment, one in Exeter and one in Truro but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more crop up around the West Country.


This Week I’m Loving… Lily Flame’s ‘Fairy Dust’ Candle

Admittedly I’ve never really been that crazy for candles, probably because we’ve never really had them around the house. The only times we ever really used them was if we had people round in the summer and we were out in the garden, just to give a lovely little glow around the place. Now however, [and almost definitely because candles are banned in my Uni accommodation] I have become a little bit obsessed…. Not only do they smell uh-mazing, but they’re so sweet and romantic. Being at home this last month I’ve been trying out  a few and I’ve really enjoyed just lighting up a candle on my bedside table, and really relaxing and reading a book or listening to some music. The little glow gives a lovely soft lighting in my room and the sweet scent is always lovely just before I fall asleep.


I’ve wanted to try out Lily Flame’s ‘Fairy Dust’ Candle for a rather long time, they sell it at the upmarket supermarket that I worked in and I always thought that it stood out on the selves. Also another blogger that I’m friends with is absolutely obsessed with it, so I wanted to see what all the fuss what about. Needless to say, I bought this candle when I got a bit of Easter money from my mum and instantly fell in love.

First of all I love the little tin, the powdery pink colour is so pretty with the silver writing and the gold top. The tin makes it easy to move around, and means it looks cute on my desk, even when the lid is on and the candle’s not lit. The only down side, I would say of having a candle in a tin over a candle in a glass, is that it doesn’t give off very much light once the candle has melted down a bit, so that’s  a little bit annoying if you want the light as well as the smell, but Lily Flame do, do larger glass versions of there candles too. Most importantly, this candle smells absolutely AMAZING. Personally I think it smells like melted marshmellows, it’s sort of a very sweet but clean smell,  so it’s not sickly. I would say it’s pleasant to smell without being too overpowering.


On the back of the tin in this cute font, there’s some product information. Letting you know that these candles are actually handmade in Somerset, which I really liked because I love to support British brands where I can. It also tells you that this little candle will burn for up to 35 hours, and that for best results you should let it burn for 3 hours at a time, making sure you don’t leave it unattended of course.


I’ve used about a quarter of this candle now and I’m really enjoying the lovely scent. I’ve just brought it with me back from Uni  (naughty) and I’m very much looking forward to lighting it once I’ve hoovered my room, as a friend of my suggested that burning a candle for an hour or so is a great way to get rid of the horrible vomit smell all Uni-provided hoovers seem to leave behind.

What are you favourite candle brands and scents? Have you tried any Lily Flame products? What were your thoughts?


Cycling to Dedham…

Yesterday, because the weather was so nice, Lewis and I decided to cycle to a sweet little nearby village called Dedham and spend the afternoon there. I really love cycling and I’m very lucky to have a really nice bike, so I was great to get out and away for a bit.

A couple of years ago I had a bit of a thing for vintage bikes, I really wanted an old-fashioned bike with a basket, and a ladylike frame just like the ones that people cycle around in Cambridge.  My Dad and I scoured eBay for weeks looking for the perfect old-fashioned, second-hand bike that we could buy and do up. After losing out in a fair few bidding wars we came across my bike, which we managed to purchase for a pretty cheap price, although it did need alot of work. When we picked it up it was pretty rusty, with a burgundy frame and in desperate need of some new tires. We took it to my Granddad, who’s pretty handy at this type of thing, and he spent a few weeks sanding it down, spray painting it this Royal Blue colour and replaced the tires and the saddle. He even bought me a navy blue ribbon to weave around the basket. I was so happy and overwhelmed to see what a great job he’d done and I still love to ride my vintage bike [I’m pretty sure it’s older than me]. As I’ve been away at Uni and the weather hasn’t been great, it was the perfect time to dust the old girl off. [I’m forever debating whether to take my bike to Uni, but there is a lot of hills in Exeter, and being such an old bike it only has three gears.]


We left my house at about 1 o clock and had a really lovely bike ride in the sunshine, cycling down all the little country lanes, checking out all the beautiful scenery, and passing all the massive houses and barn conversions on our way.



It takes between about half and hour and 45 minutes to get to Dedham by bike. By the time we got there Lewis was starving. We rode down the final hill into the middle of the village,locked up our bikes and walked down this little road in search of  lunch. There are a number of good places to eat in Dedham: the Essex Rose is a lovely little tea room, selling cream teas, homemade cakes and handmade sweets; although I’ve never been The Sun Inn apparently has been visited by Prince Charles; but mine and Lewis’ favourite place, and one of the poshest in Dedham, is The Boathouse.






This lovely restaurant and boathouse, sits right on the edge of the river bank. Lewis generously treated us both to a very reasonably priced 3 course meal and we sat outside in the sunshine by the river, and ate and chatted happily, watching people going up and down in the hired rowing boats. For lunch we both had Chicken + Chorizo Toastadas for our starter with Sweet Chilli Dip and a Rocket Salad, for main we both had Award-Winning Pork Sausages with Herb Mash and Sweet Red Cabbage, then for dessert I had the Apple Strudel and Lewis had the Chocolate and Coffee Mousse. It was all absolutely delicious and a really lovely Easter treat!







After lunch, we were planning to get a little rowing boat for ourselves, but by the time we’d finished it was getting pretty shady over the river and we didn’t want to get cold, so we decided to go and sit on the grass on the other side of the bank, with my picnic blanket, in the sunshine for a little while.  It was really nice to just sit and relax, chatting and soaking up the sun whilst watching all of the people in their rowing boats. There is little that is funnier than people watching, and we had a great time watching all of these dads and boyfriends trying their best to row and steer these little rowing boats without hitting anything. Much to our amusement, just infront of us in the river there was a duck and her ducklings taking a swim. This proved a major obstacle for the majority of male rowers who didn’t seem sure whether to slow down or try and go around them, trying to avoid hitting them with either the boat or the oars. In the gentlemen’s defence, [unfortunately it was mainly gentlemen rowing and the one lady we did see looked rather peculiar] however, it is a pretty tough task to take a rowing boat out at Dedham. You can either row around for an hour or two, up and down the river or [if you’re a bit of a pro] you can take a boat down the river about a mile to Flatford, stop there for a piece of cake and then row back. Whatever you do, getting the boat back on time is the biggest struggle and there’s a pretty hefty fine if you don’t make it. So me and Lewis decided to avoid all the hassle and lie around on the river band instead.





Overall, it was a really nice relaxed day, just sitting in the sunshine. I’ve been going to Dedham since I was a child – walking to Flatford, going out in the rowing boats, buying sugar mice from The Essex Rose -and so it’s lovely to visit every once in a while for a lovely calm day. It’s also nice to get a bit of time with Lewis, where we don’t have anywhere to be and we can just enjoy each others company.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do you have any favourite spots near you that you love to visit? 




A Sunny Weekend in Exeter

I’m actually writing this post a week late, because this weekend is full of  essay plans so far. But last weekend, I had the most wonderful time with my boyfriend Lewis exploring Exeter and Exmouth.

He came down from London on the train late on Friday night, as I had a Masquerade Ball for English – which was so much fun. Cue pictures of me and the girls dressed up, and the amazing three course meal we had…

Please excuse the very obvious pose, I was just following the photographer's instructions. Source: Karolina Balciunaite Photography

Please excuse the very obvious pose, I was just following the photographer’s instructions.
Source: Karolina Balciunaite Photography


Tomato + Basil Soup


Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings


Apple Pie with Vanilla Custard


On the Saturday, me and Lewis we got up pretty late and went into town to do some shopping – everyone always wants to go to Jack Wills when they visit me so of course we popped in there to look at the sale and then grabbed some Costa paninis and cakes, and went and sat on the sunny Cathedral Green for a nice lunch – although it was a little bit windy for our liking.



Then we went for a little walk down to the Quay, which was surprisingly much warmer and just sat with our legs dangling over the river, listening to the buskers playing music and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. I was having one of those soppy “this is such a nice day” moments, and we sat there until about 4ish when it got a bit cooler and then walked back to the Uni. We had burgers, potato wedges and homemade garlic bread for our dinner – thanks to my marvellous cooking skills, and  ended the evening all snuggled up in my room, watching TopGear -[if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, the two-parter filmed in Burma is brilliantly funny]

Sunday, we decided to go to Exmouth on the train, which if you live in Exeter is really worth doing. With both our student railcards it only cost £2.50 each for a return ticket (the price of getting the bus into town back at home) so it was really cheap and we didn’t feel too bad about not staying for the whole day. Exmouth is a really nice beach town, with lots of nice restaurants – we stopped and had a three course lunch at Prezzo’s, which was delicious [particularly after our NUS discount had been taken off the bill], and then ventured down to the beach.




Personally I really liked the beach at Exmouth, I’d love to go back when the weather is a bit warmer. The beach itself is pretty big, and curves round in a nice way. The promenade isn’t too commercial, which was quite nice – although I’m sure in the summer there’s more ice cream vans about. We didn’t bring swimming costumes or anything, but we just went and sat on the beach for an hour or so, people -watching mostly and chatting. Lewis, being the big-kid that he is, was very excited to try out arcades, however these proved very disappointing as the 2p machines only really offered 10p Haribo sweets as prizes so we decided not to waste our money.

Again when the weather got cold we just got the train back, walked back to my flat and had a bit of a rest watching the second half of TopGear. Then in the evening we went with my flatmates out to The Old Firehouse for massive pizzas and £5 Elderflower Cider. It was a wonderful day.

Monday morning I walked/ ran with Lewis to the train station to say goodbye for another two weeks. We’ve been very fortunate this term that we’ve been able to see each other pretty much every fortnight, so it makes saying goodbye a bit easier.


Overall we had a wonderful weekend, it’s so lovely to be able to explore Exeter and the surrounding area when the weather is nice.

How are you making the most of the sunshine where you are?


Coffee and Cake in Exeter

Lewis managed to get down here [Exeter] on the train for Valentine’s day yesterday and he’s staying with me over the weekend which is lovely.  We had a really nice dinner last night at Cote Brassierre on the Cathedral Green and today we braved the weather to wander into town. After a bit of shopping we stopped at The Exploding Bakery, which I had read really good reviews about from Tripadvisor.

exploding bakery 2

The Exploding Bakery is basically a really quaint little cafe with only few tables because the majority of space is taken up by a large kitchen where during the week you can watch the baristas bake the cakes fresh in store.  The Bakery’s website says “We saw a gap in the market for the type of cakes we liked to make, no nonsense, full on flavour, high quality tray bakes using the ingredients you would use at home. No added junk, no margarine, no cocoa powder, just local natural butter, belgian chocolate, vanilla extract and local free range eggs”

exploding bakery 1

I had a hot chocolate, Lewis had a latte and we both chose the Belgian Chocolate Brownies to try . The brownies were deliciously rich, in fact I couldn’t quite manage all of mine and brought a little piece home in a cute little doggy bag.

exploding bakery 3  Aside from cakes, the bakery also served homemade soup with homemade bread, focaccia, tortilla wraps and frittata as part of a lunch menu. I would recommend checking this place out if like me you like little independent business (especially ones that serve good cake).

I hope you liked this post, I can’t take credit for the photos Lewis took them all. How did you spend your Valentines weekend?


Last Minute Valentines Gifts…

I’ve actually been pretty speedy this year, and planned and bought my boyfriend’s Valentines Day present and card [ yes, that’s right we do presents after setting the bar pretty high last year (our first Valentines Day) long before we were both living on student budgets], but incase you haven’t thought about it yet and whilst you still have time to order online. Here’s my top lists of presents to get your boyfriend/ girlfriend…

For Her 

Left to Right:

1) Polaroid Love Notes – £10.99 : These cute little love notes from Urban Outfitters come with their own individual envelopes – this would be a great present for a girlfriend away at Uni as you could send her one for every month.

2) Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Mug – £17.95: I really have a thing about cute mugs at the moment and this one is really nice. Again, another present perhaps for a girlfriend who you don’t see very often, or just one that appreciates a good cup of tea. A nice present to go with this might be some fancy hot chocolate. Available at John Lewis.

3) MAC “Please Me” Lipstick – £15.00: Personally, I think that MOST girls would be impressed with a MAC lipstick as a present, which one depends on you, but I thought this “Please Me” shade is pretty and not too bold, perfect for a Valentines pukka-up. You can buy this online at the MAC website.

4) Olivia Burton Black Applied Butterfly Watch – £82.00: Now I know that I have shown you this watch before in my Top Highstreet Wrist Watches post, however I do think this watch is simply exquisite. It is so pretty and sophisticated and if I wasn’t so in love with my own Marc Jacobs watch I would be out the door to buy it, because I think it is beautiful. Any girl would be lucky to receive this gift for Valentines. This watch is currently available on ASOS.

5) Soap & Glory “Soaper Heros” Gift Set – £13.50: I am always preaching to my males friends that if they don’t know what to get a girl, they can’t go wrong with some nice bath and shower products and with Soap & Glory there’s certainly no going wrong. This giftset in particular, available at Boots, contains some of my favourite Soap & Glory products – so let your girlfriend pamper herself with a very special giftset.

6) And finally, last but not least, for the big spender on Valentines day you can’t go wrong with these beautiful Alex Monroe Classic Daisy Stud Earrings, Silver which retail for £114.00 at John Lewis. These would make a really lovely gift for that someone special.

For Him

1) GPO Stylo Retro Turntable Record Player in Piano Black – £39.99. Alot of my friends are really getting into vinyls at the moment and they do sound and look pretty cool. For mine and Lewis’ first Christmas I bought him the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits Vinyl, which he frequently plays and he has framed the sleeves in special vinyl frames in  his bedroom. This one from Argos is a pretty good price, however you can buy vintage ones from Urban Outfitters from about £115.00.

2) Bull Dog Original After Shave Balm – £2.74. At the very cheap end of the scale, alot of men are really getting into skincare products at the moment, with companies like BullDog proving to be some of the most popular. This is just the After Shave Balm they make, but you can buy a variety of different moisturisers and other male products by BullDog online or in store at Boots.

3) Hollister First Point Shirt – £44.00. For the fashionable man, this Hollister Shirt is very smart but can also be worn casually. The navy colour is really nice and may make your man look a bit like one of those Abercrombie and Fitch models – I don’t see a down side girls!

4) Following the theme of clothing, these Jack Wills Gosworth Slim Sweatpants retailing at £49.50 are an ideal gift for the Uni Boyfriend/ General Couch Potato who can lounge around in comfortable style in a pair of these from Jack Wills.

5) Phone Links/ RC Remote Control Ferrari F50 Red Motion Car iPhone – £22.99. Well they say that boys love toys, and they especially love gadgets, so if your boyfriend is into cars and his iPhone this might be a great gift. The remote control car is controlled by an App on your iPhone/ Andriod so it’s easy to use and fun to play with. Find this product at

6) Diesel Fuel For Life He Eau de Toilette – £25.00. Finally, you can’t go wrong with a really nice-smelling cologne to keep your man smelling fresh. This Eau de Toilette from Diesel is available in John Lewis and is made from a magic potion of mysterious star anise, vintage raspberry and authentic heliotropine.

Well that’s all I’ve got for last minute Valentine’s ideas. I hope you enjoyed the post. Would love to hear what presents people are giving on Valentine’s Day – particularly to boys [I always find them tricky to shop for!]