How to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home [Part 2]


I thought it was about time that I followed up my original post on How to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home [ you can read part 1 here], especially as in a couple of weeks or so I’m going to be packing up my little en-suite room and leaving my flat, never to return. Dah dah duuuh. If there’s one thing about Uni it’s certainly that it’s always changing, I’ve been in my room less than a year and I’m already moving out. However, I can certainly say that I’ve been really lucky with my room, it’s been nice to add little things here and there and just make it exactly as I wanted. I tend to spend quite a bit of time in my room, working or catching up on TV and so it was really important to me to really make it my own. So here are a few more random ideas that I’ve used to make my room feel a bit nicer:

5. Collect Glass Bottles/ Jars. I randomly took an empty Moet bottle [ birthday/ results day gift from my Uncle who got it from a friend one birthday, which was just as well because I wasn’t blown away by the taste – obviously too posh for this Essex girl] and an Absolute Bottle of Vodka to Uni, just to decorate my room I suppose. I put them on my windowsill, as on the various Open Days at different Uni’s I had established that this was the thing to do. As the first term went on I finished a bottle of Smirnoff (no surprises there) and collect various other bottles for posh lemonade and elderflower drinks – usually presents. Once I had developed a bit of a collection on my windowsill, with these bottles all in a row I thought I’d buy some flowers to put in them. Weirdly one of the most annoying things about Uni is that I never took a vase for flowers. I was never really majorly into flowers at home, but at Uni they just add a nice little touch to my room, and it’s always nice to have something new for the week. As you can see below I’ve had various different types of flowers in my room. Tulips are my probably favourites – even if they are the slightly more expensive, because if you buy them when they’re still in the bud they last a really long time. I bought them twice last term when I momentarily banned myself from chocolate, and so had some extra cash left over to treat myself.





I suppose it was inevitable then, that I would start collecting jars, like some crazy old woman. Although, a lot I do just recycle because some smells you just can’t seem to get rid of. The first little jars that I collected were these two little GU pudding jars ( Moet, GU, Elderflower – really sounding like a student here), which I thought my be handy for holding pins or hair grips or something, but actually ended up with the wax for my brace and various lip glosses inside.




The other two jars where actually originally for honey, and I use one for my makeup brushes – very useful- and one for my coloured pens. I’d like to get at least one more at some point to go in my bathroom  for my toothbrush, as I think it’s much nicer than just leaving it on the side of the sink.


Walking into homeware shops, particularly my favourite T K Maxx [which has an excellent homeward section], I found that little jars and bottles like that can sell for quite a lot. So simply collecting ones that I use is a much cheaper alternative, and I always get complements on how cool my flowers look in there little bottles on the windowsill.

6. Invest in a Rug. This might seem like a pretty simply idea, but admittedly I didn’t really think about it until I visited my friend’s room and stood on her lovely little white fluffy rug. I picked up a little green and white zigzag one in the sale at Urban Outfitters, to go with my blue carpet and I really love it. It just adds a nice little detail to my room, and I know I’ll use it again next year. Also an added bonus is that you can use it to cover up the messiest part of your carpet when you haven’t had time to hoover – always handy.

7. Sort out your Storage. More of a practical point than helping your feel more at home, but although some University rooms provide plenty of space for storage, others don’t. However, there a plenty of weird and wonderful contraptions you can buy just to give you a little extra room. For instance you can buy a variety of different metal constructions that will hang over the back off a door, either with hooks for coats or towels for your bathroom, these can be handy to hang over your door if you have an en-suite room – especially if you’ve got a smaller wardrobe. Another strange storage thing that my dad came across the weekend that I went to Uni, was an under basin storage shelving system [i’ll put a picture of one below], which fits around the pedestal of the basin and can be used for storing shampoos, cleaning products, razors etc.

I hope you found these little ideas helpful, what have you done to make your room feel personal to you?





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