An Ode to Apple: Must-read for iPhone 5 users.


Admittedly, when I first decided that I wanted a Mac, it was certainly more for the thrilling lifestyle that I thought a Mac would bring to my life. I would be using it to type up blog posts, reading articles, checking my Twitter account (all true), sitting in [place coffee shop name of preference here] typing away at some important University essay or answering very important emails (maybe not), all the time looking fabulous with my sleek, smooth silver  laptop, complete with glowing Apple logo and light-up keys. Yes, I kind of fell in love with the idea that a Macbook Pro would bring me all of this success and interest, and although I absolutely love my laptop, I certainly don’t sit in Starbucks all day looking important or stand out particularly, in a university saturated in Apple products.

I was sure that I wanted to get a Mac before Uni, I could get a load of great deals on it, I had saved up just over half of the money and needed, all I had to do was convince my Dad to put up the other half. By this I don’t mean to sound spoilt, I had worked hard and put a lot of money into savings (enough to buy the laptop completely autonomously), and had my previous laptop for about 5 years, so I was definitely ready for an upgrade and made arrangements with my Dad so that we could buy it together. In a way I think this was a good system, as by putting my own hard-earned cash into it has made my very, very careful with where I put it – needless to say it’s always in its case.

Anyway – getting off topic, one of the ways I managed to convince my Dad and myself (wanting an Mac and parting with the physical cash it costs to get one, can be a big decision), that it was a good idea to get a Mac for Uni, was the fact that I would be dealing with Apple. Apple in my opinion, are just like the John Lewis of electrical, they just get it spot on every time – great service and excellent customer care. To begin with Apple products last a very long time. When buying a Mac I wasn’t just thinking about starting Uni, I was thinking about the equipment I might need for starting my first career, I’m certainly expecting to have this laptop for a good 5 years minimum, and the fact that you still see people with ‘old Macs’ just highlights that they are good quality products. Secondly, in becoming ‘an adult’ (cringe) I am having to deal more and more with companies on a first hand basis, and I’m really learning to respect good customer care when I receive it. What I liked about Apple as a company is that, if you have a problem, big or small, you can take your product in, no matter how old it is and they will do there best to help you. I’ve even seen old ladies in my local store, getting advice on how to actually use the iPad that their generous child has brought for them. The service is always polite, friendly and helpful, and in a way you know that if you buy a product with Apple, you’ve got a lifetime guarantee.

The prompt for this post is that recently I had an experience of my own. Just before the Easter holidays, the lock button on my iPhone 5 broke. Of course, this was immediately annoying, I couldn’t always switch it off so I would ring people in my pocket or send them ‘SHKJDJHUYGHHH” text messages. I was annoyed because I was convinced I would have to send it off to my network provider for three weeks, rummage around the house for whatever ancient phone we had left in a draw somewhere [Nokia 3210 anyone?] and be without all the things I take for granted with an iPhone: Twitter, Facebook, Emails, Snapchat, WhatsApp ect. Being my grumpy self, I moaned to one of my friends about my first world problem on a night out and he told me to take it to the Apple Store. It was like one of those cartoon lightbulb moments, I didn’t know why I hadn’t thought of going there before – I think I’d assumed that as I had it on contract and hadn’t technically brought it from Apple, it wasn’t really their problem.

When I got back to Exeter, I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Exeter Apple Store on the Apple website. I went in a few days later for my appointment and spoke to a guy at the bar, and he told me about this new scheme, which I shall now share….


Iphone 5 Sleep/ Wake Button Replacement Programme

Ok, so iPhone 5s (some of them) have this problem where the lock button on them breaks, all of a sudden it will just stop working. Apple have realised, after a number of people bringing their phones in, that this is a fault within the phones themselves. Prior to this scheme, they were simply replacing the entire phone with a new handset – which is what happened to my friend’s phone – but now they have started a new repair programme. Is your iPhone 5 lock button broken? Here’s a way that you can get it fixed absolutely for FREE – if you are eligible.

To find out if your phone is eligible you need to visit the Apple Support website and click on the iPhone section :

At the bottom of the page there should be a box or something that says “iPhone 5 Sleep/ Wake Button Replacement Programme” click on this.

If you read the page, it will ask you for your iPhone 5 serial number to check the eligibility of your phone.

To find your serial number, go Settings > General > About  on your iPhone and scroll down until you can see a line which reads Serial Number.














Type this number into the box on the Apple website page and click Submit.

If your phone is eligible it will be able to tell you immediately, and then you need to follow the instructions on the bottom of the page about either posting or taking your iPhone into an Apple Store near you in order to have it repaired.

The best thing about this new repair system is, that they will lend you an iPhone for the week or so that your’s is being repaired. When I went into the Apple Store last week, they did an analysis of my phone to check everything worked, then wiped it (make sure you Backup your phone via iTunes or The Cloud before you take it into the Apple Store, if you don’t want to lose any photos or anything – there are plenty of tutorials for doing this online). Next I had to read over and sign a number of contracts, some about the repair itself and a few about my responsibility when borrowing the Loaner handset. Then they brought over a little box and handed me an iPhone – (white, which is a bit different) and I left. I’ve had this phone since Monday now, and it’s been such a stress free experience just downloading all my Apps and photos back onto it and using it as my normal phone. I really appreciated that they could give me a spare phone, as being a student it’s literally my only way of communicating with anyone.

If you have a broken lock button, or any other problems with your iPhone or your other Apple products, I’d really recommend going to see someone about it. The guy who helped me was really friendly, and really seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and I couldn’t believe it when he said that I’d have my phone back in about a week. Apple = amazing.

I hope you found this post interesting and maybe even useful. Have you had a similar experience with Apple? What are your thoughts on their customer service? I’d love to know if this post helps anyone get their phone fixed – I’m so glad my friend prompted me. 


p.s. I just feel I should put a little note that this hero worship of Apple is definitely not sponsored (if it was I’d expect a lot of cash 😉 ). I was just genuinely really impressed with the service I received, and wanted to share this advice for anyone having similar issues.



  1. I love Apple! They’re so so good, and their warranties/Apple Care are amazing – last year I took my laptop in because I was getting a battery error message, and they replaced the battery, the bottom rubber mat part and the entire monitor screen part for absolutely free – I hadn’t even noticed there was anything wrong with them! Definitely an Apple fan for life haha


    1. Yes they are fantastic. I went to pick up my iPhone last week and found out they’d replaced the battery and the camera as well as fixing the button. You certainly get what you pay for with their products.

      Harriette xxx

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