Month: May 2014

For the Love of Breakfast

I would definitely say, since coming to Uni that I have become a breakfast person. I love everything to do with breakfast, I am obsessed with tea, and toast with Nutella, granola and yoghurt, chopped apple, eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toast etc etc. I try quite hard to make breakfast one of my biggest meals of the day, as usually I forget/ am to busy/ have nothing for lunch, so I don’t eat properly again until dinner. Recently, I’ve also started going swimming in the morning, as the outdoor pool near my student accommodation has opened up, and so by the time I’ve done an hour in the pool I’m usually starving for a good breakfast.

The best thing about self-catered student living is definitely that you can have breakfast at anytime of day. The thought of having to get up before 9.30 to have breakfast in catered halls, especially after a heavy night out, is certainly not an appealing one. And ofcourse, the most satisfying breakfasts that you’ll eat all term will be those after a drunken night out in town. In Exeter, there a few really great breakfast places, but the best one to trudge to with you hangover, is definitely Brody’s Breakfast Bistro.



Brody’s is basically this American-style breakfast buffet place, where customers can buy certain packages like the pancake breakfast for unlimited pancakes with a variety of toppings, or the ultimate breakfast, which is a fry-up buffet complete with all different types of eggs,breakfast meats and breads. Eachpackage comes with unlimited bread and cereal too, so there’s plenty to fill your boots with, and the long tables mean that you can take your all your hungover flatmates to gorge on the most wonderful breakfast in the world. I have visited Brody’s a good many times and I really like it, although you have to be pretty hungry to get your money’s worth of bacon.


Another great breakfast place that I have yet to visit in Exeter is Boston Tea Party, which I have heard a lot of great things about. They do a lot of posh, quirky breakfasts such as “Baked Eggs and Chorizo Sausage” and “The Boss”: Smoked bacon, traditional pork sausage, Hogs (white) pudding, garlic and thyme baked filed mushroom, rosemary and smoked paprika roasted new potatoes, roasted vine cherry tomatoes, scrabbled egg with tomato and basil, and baked beans. With two rounds of Sherston white or granary toast. If that’s not enough to make you hungry I don’t know what is! I’ve heard they also do great pancakes, delicious cream teas and cakes, and an assortment of yummy smoothies and teas. I’m certainly looking forward to giving this place a try.

This week,  however, all of my breakfast joys have been realised. I’ve been staying with Lewis in London for the past week and yesterday morning we went to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. I have wanted to go to The Breakfast Club for ages, as the likes of Lily Pebbles and Lipgloss and Lashes have very much convinced me via their blogs and photos that it is the ultimate place to go for a breakfast foodie like me.


The restaurant itself is a little tricky to find in Spitalfields, as it’s slightly off the main road. Going inside you do feel a little bit like your in a ‘clubhouse’ with all the random decorations and bits of furniture everywhere. On the way in there was a wire mesh fence on one side where customers had clipped up passport photos,  old train tickets and scribbled notes on napkins. Lewis and I were seated next to an old TV connected up to a Sega Mega Drive  [according to Lewis ] with all the old games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot around it. We were also near a fluorescent sign, which read “Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls.”




We were so busy looking around and taking everything in, that we didn’t actually pick up the menu, so when the waitress came over I panicked and asked for a chocolate milkshake, which of course wasn’t on the menu. I felt really bad, but the waitress said she thought they could probably make one anyway, so I said ok. Feeling guilty I watched her go a chat to the guy making milkshakes, and then walk over to us with a metal cup – hands down one of the best milkshakes I have ever tasted, needless to say I didn’t feel bad for too long. Lewis just ordered a Coke and he was very envious.


Our breakfast was basically brunch, as we had been to the New London Theatre at 10 that morning to see if we could get any day tickets to see WarHorse, which turned out to be really worth the gamble as we got two tickets for £30 for that evening, reduced from £120 – and we had great seats too. As a result we got to the Breakfast Club at about 12.30, and so a lot of people were having lunch, but we’d come for the all day breakfast.

Lewis ordered The All American, which was basically a fried breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, fried potatoes and pancakes with maple syrup. I had the Pancakes with Berries, which was a stack of 4 pretty big pancakes with gorgeous fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and this really sweet vanilla cream which tasted like American frosting/ British buttercream. Although, I did sneak a bite of Lewis’ maple syrup pancakes with bacon.



We were both absolutely stuffed when we’d finished, and went for a long walk around Spitalfields Market before getting back on the tube. The Breakfast Club is certainly up there on my list of great breakfast places to visit – I think another time I might have gone for the full fry up with pancakes too!

What is your favourite breakfast to have? Do you ever go out for breakfasts? Are there any places near your that you would recommend for a top breakfast?




How to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home [Part 2]


I thought it was about time that I followed up my original post on How to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home [ you can read part 1 here], especially as in a couple of weeks or so I’m going to be packing up my little en-suite room and leaving my flat, never to return. Dah dah duuuh. If there’s one thing about Uni it’s certainly that it’s always changing, I’ve been in my room less than a year and I’m already moving out. However, I can certainly say that I’ve been really lucky with my room, it’s been nice to add little things here and there and just make it exactly as I wanted. I tend to spend quite a bit of time in my room, working or catching up on TV and so it was really important to me to really make it my own. So here are a few more random ideas that I’ve used to make my room feel a bit nicer:

5. Collect Glass Bottles/ Jars. I randomly took an empty Moet bottle [ birthday/ results day gift from my Uncle who got it from a friend one birthday, which was just as well because I wasn’t blown away by the taste – obviously too posh for this Essex girl] and an Absolute Bottle of Vodka to Uni, just to decorate my room I suppose. I put them on my windowsill, as on the various Open Days at different Uni’s I had established that this was the thing to do. As the first term went on I finished a bottle of Smirnoff (no surprises there) and collect various other bottles for posh lemonade and elderflower drinks – usually presents. Once I had developed a bit of a collection on my windowsill, with these bottles all in a row I thought I’d buy some flowers to put in them. Weirdly one of the most annoying things about Uni is that I never took a vase for flowers. I was never really majorly into flowers at home, but at Uni they just add a nice little touch to my room, and it’s always nice to have something new for the week. As you can see below I’ve had various different types of flowers in my room. Tulips are my probably favourites – even if they are the slightly more expensive, because if you buy them when they’re still in the bud they last a really long time. I bought them twice last term when I momentarily banned myself from chocolate, and so had some extra cash left over to treat myself.





I suppose it was inevitable then, that I would start collecting jars, like some crazy old woman. Although, a lot I do just recycle because some smells you just can’t seem to get rid of. The first little jars that I collected were these two little GU pudding jars ( Moet, GU, Elderflower – really sounding like a student here), which I thought my be handy for holding pins or hair grips or something, but actually ended up with the wax for my brace and various lip glosses inside.




The other two jars where actually originally for honey, and I use one for my makeup brushes – very useful- and one for my coloured pens. I’d like to get at least one more at some point to go in my bathroom  for my toothbrush, as I think it’s much nicer than just leaving it on the side of the sink.


Walking into homeware shops, particularly my favourite T K Maxx [which has an excellent homeward section], I found that little jars and bottles like that can sell for quite a lot. So simply collecting ones that I use is a much cheaper alternative, and I always get complements on how cool my flowers look in there little bottles on the windowsill.

6. Invest in a Rug. This might seem like a pretty simply idea, but admittedly I didn’t really think about it until I visited my friend’s room and stood on her lovely little white fluffy rug. I picked up a little green and white zigzag one in the sale at Urban Outfitters, to go with my blue carpet and I really love it. It just adds a nice little detail to my room, and I know I’ll use it again next year. Also an added bonus is that you can use it to cover up the messiest part of your carpet when you haven’t had time to hoover – always handy.

7. Sort out your Storage. More of a practical point than helping your feel more at home, but although some University rooms provide plenty of space for storage, others don’t. However, there a plenty of weird and wonderful contraptions you can buy just to give you a little extra room. For instance you can buy a variety of different metal constructions that will hang over the back off a door, either with hooks for coats or towels for your bathroom, these can be handy to hang over your door if you have an en-suite room – especially if you’ve got a smaller wardrobe. Another strange storage thing that my dad came across the weekend that I went to Uni, was an under basin storage shelving system [i’ll put a picture of one below], which fits around the pedestal of the basin and can be used for storing shampoos, cleaning products, razors etc.

I hope you found these little ideas helpful, what have you done to make your room feel personal to you?



An Ode to Apple: Must-read for iPhone 5 users.


Admittedly, when I first decided that I wanted a Mac, it was certainly more for the thrilling lifestyle that I thought a Mac would bring to my life. I would be using it to type up blog posts, reading articles, checking my Twitter account (all true), sitting in [place coffee shop name of preference here] typing away at some important University essay or answering very important emails (maybe not), all the time looking fabulous with my sleek, smooth silver  laptop, complete with glowing Apple logo and light-up keys. Yes, I kind of fell in love with the idea that a Macbook Pro would bring me all of this success and interest, and although I absolutely love my laptop, I certainly don’t sit in Starbucks all day looking important or stand out particularly, in a university saturated in Apple products.

I was sure that I wanted to get a Mac before Uni, I could get a load of great deals on it, I had saved up just over half of the money and needed, all I had to do was convince my Dad to put up the other half. By this I don’t mean to sound spoilt, I had worked hard and put a lot of money into savings (enough to buy the laptop completely autonomously), and had my previous laptop for about 5 years, so I was definitely ready for an upgrade and made arrangements with my Dad so that we could buy it together. In a way I think this was a good system, as by putting my own hard-earned cash into it has made my very, very careful with where I put it – needless to say it’s always in its case.

Anyway – getting off topic, one of the ways I managed to convince my Dad and myself (wanting an Mac and parting with the physical cash it costs to get one, can be a big decision), that it was a good idea to get a Mac for Uni, was the fact that I would be dealing with Apple. Apple in my opinion, are just like the John Lewis of electrical, they just get it spot on every time – great service and excellent customer care. To begin with Apple products last a very long time. When buying a Mac I wasn’t just thinking about starting Uni, I was thinking about the equipment I might need for starting my first career, I’m certainly expecting to have this laptop for a good 5 years minimum, and the fact that you still see people with ‘old Macs’ just highlights that they are good quality products. Secondly, in becoming ‘an adult’ (cringe) I am having to deal more and more with companies on a first hand basis, and I’m really learning to respect good customer care when I receive it. What I liked about Apple as a company is that, if you have a problem, big or small, you can take your product in, no matter how old it is and they will do there best to help you. I’ve even seen old ladies in my local store, getting advice on how to actually use the iPad that their generous child has brought for them. The service is always polite, friendly and helpful, and in a way you know that if you buy a product with Apple, you’ve got a lifetime guarantee.

The prompt for this post is that recently I had an experience of my own. Just before the Easter holidays, the lock button on my iPhone 5 broke. Of course, this was immediately annoying, I couldn’t always switch it off so I would ring people in my pocket or send them ‘SHKJDJHUYGHHH” text messages. I was annoyed because I was convinced I would have to send it off to my network provider for three weeks, rummage around the house for whatever ancient phone we had left in a draw somewhere [Nokia 3210 anyone?] and be without all the things I take for granted with an iPhone: Twitter, Facebook, Emails, Snapchat, WhatsApp ect. Being my grumpy self, I moaned to one of my friends about my first world problem on a night out and he told me to take it to the Apple Store. It was like one of those cartoon lightbulb moments, I didn’t know why I hadn’t thought of going there before – I think I’d assumed that as I had it on contract and hadn’t technically brought it from Apple, it wasn’t really their problem.

When I got back to Exeter, I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Exeter Apple Store on the Apple website. I went in a few days later for my appointment and spoke to a guy at the bar, and he told me about this new scheme, which I shall now share….


Iphone 5 Sleep/ Wake Button Replacement Programme

Ok, so iPhone 5s (some of them) have this problem where the lock button on them breaks, all of a sudden it will just stop working. Apple have realised, after a number of people bringing their phones in, that this is a fault within the phones themselves. Prior to this scheme, they were simply replacing the entire phone with a new handset – which is what happened to my friend’s phone – but now they have started a new repair programme. Is your iPhone 5 lock button broken? Here’s a way that you can get it fixed absolutely for FREE – if you are eligible.

To find out if your phone is eligible you need to visit the Apple Support website and click on the iPhone section :

At the bottom of the page there should be a box or something that says “iPhone 5 Sleep/ Wake Button Replacement Programme” click on this.

If you read the page, it will ask you for your iPhone 5 serial number to check the eligibility of your phone.

To find your serial number, go Settings > General > About  on your iPhone and scroll down until you can see a line which reads Serial Number.














Type this number into the box on the Apple website page and click Submit.

If your phone is eligible it will be able to tell you immediately, and then you need to follow the instructions on the bottom of the page about either posting or taking your iPhone into an Apple Store near you in order to have it repaired.

The best thing about this new repair system is, that they will lend you an iPhone for the week or so that your’s is being repaired. When I went into the Apple Store last week, they did an analysis of my phone to check everything worked, then wiped it (make sure you Backup your phone via iTunes or The Cloud before you take it into the Apple Store, if you don’t want to lose any photos or anything – there are plenty of tutorials for doing this online). Next I had to read over and sign a number of contracts, some about the repair itself and a few about my responsibility when borrowing the Loaner handset. Then they brought over a little box and handed me an iPhone – (white, which is a bit different) and I left. I’ve had this phone since Monday now, and it’s been such a stress free experience just downloading all my Apps and photos back onto it and using it as my normal phone. I really appreciated that they could give me a spare phone, as being a student it’s literally my only way of communicating with anyone.

If you have a broken lock button, or any other problems with your iPhone or your other Apple products, I’d really recommend going to see someone about it. The guy who helped me was really friendly, and really seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and I couldn’t believe it when he said that I’d have my phone back in about a week. Apple = amazing.

I hope you found this post interesting and maybe even useful. Have you had a similar experience with Apple? What are your thoughts on their customer service? I’d love to know if this post helps anyone get their phone fixed – I’m so glad my friend prompted me. 


p.s. I just feel I should put a little note that this hero worship of Apple is definitely not sponsored (if it was I’d expect a lot of cash 😉 ). I was just genuinely really impressed with the service I received, and wanted to share this advice for anyone having similar issues.

Grabbing a Burger at Hub box

Everybody loves a good burger. Lewis and I are very much burger and chips people, we’d rather go out and have a nice pizza or a really good burger [more like gastro pub food ], than go to a really posh restaurant. We’ve tried out a few places in Exeter and not really been disappointed with anywhere, but I’ve been hearing a lot about a few nice and actually pretty cheap burger places in town, so I wanted to take Lewis when he visited.

To be honest, I must have walked past Hubbox a million times and not really noticed it was there, although from the outside it’s got a bit of a retro feel about it, I think I previously dismissed it as a takeaway restaurant, and didn’t really associate it with the burger restaurant that I kept hearing about.









I really loved the retro – American feel of this restaurant, it was really cool and there was lots to look at all over the walls and at other people’s food.We both said it was the type of place that would do really well in somewhere like Camden, because it was pretty edgy and different. Even the guys that worked there looked like hipsters in their green T-Shirts, Lewis was particularly impressed by our waiter’s Foo Fighter’s tattoo on the back of his neck.

And then the food came…. Oh wow. The burgers were good, but not anything too amazing to be honest – I think I still prefer a good Byron’s burger but the chips were SO good. Really salty, American skin-on fries that I could literally have eaten all day – and there were plenty to eat. Lewis and I both only went for regular fries but we seemed to get loads.



It was actually a fairly cheap lunch, as it only came to £19.00 for the both of us, which I thought was pretty decent, particularly for the amount of food you got. I think they did have a dessert menu, but we where way to full from lunch. It was a really lovely break from a long morning of revision, and I managed to cross another restaurant of my list of places I want to visit over my years here at Uni – I will definitely have to try out rival Urban Burger next time I am looking for somewhere to eat, and Exeter is getting a Byron’s soon, which I’m pretty excited about. Seems that Lewis and I will get our burger and chips after all.

You can check out the Hubbox website here if you’re interested. There’s only two in the country at the moment, one in Exeter and one in Truro but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more crop up around the West Country.


This Month I’m Loving… Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream


I have to admit that I didn’t actually expect to do a review on this product, and so I didn’t take any good product pictures before I started using it and the bottle got a bit gross. Definitely more from my messiness than a comment on the product itself.

I recieved the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream as part of my goodie bag from the Bristol Bloggers Meet and I was more than a little dismissive of it, shoving it in my Ted Baker beauty box for a rainy day. I had used one Nairs product before this and I wasn’t majorly impressed with it. I was convinced that hair removal cream didn’t actually work and the only way to get rid of my hairy legs was (a) to have them waxed or (b) to shave them. Usually my method is the latter, primarily because: I have a very low pain threshold, shaving is cheaper, and I hate the idea of letting the hair grow back in between waxes [although this usually happens anyway down to my laziness].

Anyway, in that very long introduction to this post, I am trying to explain that I was more than a little bit prejudice against hair removal products in general and especially Nair. However, I am happy to announce that this product has changed my mind, so much so that I feel inclined to share my love for it on here.


I finally gave in and decided to give it a try because I was about to try fake tan for the first time ever. I got the Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Mousse in the goodie bag also and I was desperate to try it ready for the English Ball ( check out my tanned self here). As this was my first time using fake tan, I wanted to make sure I’d done my research so I read alot of blogs and watched a few Youtube videos – particularly Marissa’s own one. One of the pieces of advice given was to shave your legs well, as hairless legs prevent tan sticking to the hairs.

Now I am definitely not the most careful shaver, and I often find later that day after shaving I still have rather hairy knees or the backs of my legs are a bit stubbly. Not ideal. So I thought that using the Nair cream might be a slightly quicker way of removing as much hair as possible, and would get to those hard to reach areas that I tend to miss – thus providing me with the optimum streak free godess tan.

To apply the product, Nair provide a weird little spatula, which stops you from getting the cream all over your hands, although it does sort of go everywhere anyway – but again I’m not the most careful. It can take a bit of a long time to spread the cream in an even layer all over both your legs, but I don’t think it takes any longer than shaving and I do prefer it. Generally I’d put the cream on, leave it for 5 or so minute and then turn the shower on and wash it off.

The product itself is a beigy-grey colour and certainly is not my favourite smell, although my little en-suite bathroom at Uni has smelt of it for a while so I’m probably just sick of the smell by now. It does smell a bit like the “clay” it claims to be and any unwanted smell is easily resolved by a nice smelly showegel after you’ve washed off the cream. Obviously for covering both your legs like I did, you do use quite alot of product and I think I got about 3 uses out of it before I ran out but this acutally isn’t too bad.


By far the best thing about this product is how long the effects last. After first applying it on the Friday night, I didn’t see any significant re-growth until the following Friday, which rather impressed me. Plus using the product nourishes your skin, leaving it smooth and silky to the touch – what everyone wants after a shave. You get quite a bit of product in the bottle, despite the fact you use quite a lot each time, so I managed to get about 4 uses out of it, each time doing both of my legs from thigh to ankle. This spa clay retails for about £6.99, which I think is a great price considering that’s essentially a month’s worth of smooth legs.

Overall I have been surprised by how much I love this product. I would certainly consider buying it again, even if it’s just use on the areas I hate shaving like knees, ankles, and down there. It’s especially convient for use a couple of days before fake tanning, as my Cocoa Brown tan looked great on and I didn’t have to worry about hairy knees.



Festival Beauty Essentials

festival 5   Going to a music festival is one of the most exciting things to do over the summer, and its very easy to get excited as the weekend – booked way in advance- draws closer and closer, until it’s the day before. This, from personal experience I have found, is when the panic packing begins. You’ve been so caught up in all of the bands you can’t wait to see and how fun it will be to camp with all your best friends, that you haven’t really thought much about what you need to take. In this instance, it can be difficult to actually think of the things that you might need for the weekend. In particular it might escape your attention that you can’t just sling your usual makeup collection into a bag and hope for the best. Festivals and camping mean adaptation. So lest you forget, here are some key essential makeup items that you should be packing: wet wipes

  1. Wet Wipes

Not so much for cosmetic reasons, as for personal hygiene. Although these babies are good for taking all of your makeup off, they are also great for a weekend where it is highly unlikely that you will see a shower. When you stumble back to your tent covered in mud or urine or beer and see these little clean, white wipes lying in your tent, you will be very thankful.

  1. A Mirror

This is something that I usually forget. Used to the indoor world, we tend to be presented with mirrors everywhere, for putting our makeup on and sorting out our hair. However, unless you take your own, mirrors do not tend to be available in a big field in the middle of nowhere, and although you might not actually want to look at yourself by the last day. Makeup can cover up a lot of the lost sleep and bad skin. N/B If you take a mirror and others forget, you can guarantee that you’ll have lots of bare-faced friends asking to borrow yours each morning. festival collage

  1. UV Face Paint/ Glitter

Very much festival essentials, although one is probably enough, both might make you look a bit like a drag queen. Personally I tend to go for the UV paints, as you can have a number of different styles if you’ve got a few colours. If you can get your hands on UV paints before a festival it’s probably a lot cheaper as they tend to sell them in packs of 3 for about £10 and the tubes aren’t that big. They do however, last for a pretty long time. My UV paints have lasted me three festivals and a few Uni Paint Parties. Above are a few different looks modelled by yours truly, as you can see my posing for photographs has not improved….

  1. Cotton Buds

Not so much an essential as a festival hack. If you’re investing in UV paint it’s definitely worth packing some cotton buds. Whether you’re going for the traditional dots in a swirl across your nose or painting little flowers or whatever, cotton buds make the job a lot neater than doing it with your fingers – and you don’t get covered. batiste

  1. Dry Shampoo

Another absolute godsend when you don’t have a shower. Dry Shampoo will ensure that your hair isn’t looking too greasy after a few days without washing. Hairbands are also very important, as a dirty hair carefully styled into a fishtail plait looks more like a choice, than a must.

  1. SPF Foundation/ Moisturiser

Taking sun cream to any festival is a must, even if it’s forecast to rain. However, if you’re not a fan of putting sun cream on your face, grab yourself some foundation or moisturiser with that all important SPF to stop any unwanted redness ruining your camping photos. On another note, moisturiser in general is a good idea, just to keep your skin hydrated – especially after using all those wet wipes! hand sanitizer

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Another product you’ll be thankful you brought after a few days of using portaloos. Getting a small bottle that you can carry around in your pocket is ideal for giving your hands a quick wash after you’ve been to the loo, or before you snack into some jerk chicken. Picking one with a nice smell will help you feel clean and fresh and you might find yourself using it to clean other parts of your body too.    

  1. Tissues

As everyone knows, the best thing about going to a festival is that you get to use a portaloo (not). For your entire weekend, these little plastic boxes will –especially if you’re a girl – become the bane of your life. Unfortunately there’s not really much to be done about that, however you could make the experience a little bit nicer for yourself by packing a few packs of tissues into your festival luggage. You may think I’m exaggerating, but people have been know to be so elated at the sight of toilet roll in a portaloo, that they have stolen the entire roll for themselves for future use. Be aware of these people and the fact they might take all the loo roll.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

  1. Perfume Samples/ Body Spray

Lack of showers and the hot weather at festivals make a sweaty and smelly combination. To make sure you’re friends don’t start avoiding you after a few days, pack a little bottle of body spray to give yourself the once over every morning. N/B Febreeze is also acceptable for spraying yourself, and likewise body spray can be used to make your tent smell a bit better. On the other hand, if you have any lying around take some little perfume samples with you, it’s amazing how a good smell can make you feel so much nicer and cleaner, even if you’re actually disgusting. concealors 10. Concealer Chances are when you look at your face after a night out watching Beyonce or The Killers or whoever, and no sleep because you were kept up by two boys thinking every tent in your area was actually their’s before realising they were in the wrong camp, you’re going to want to conceal everything. First of all, you need a good corrector. A corrector is just a pinkie concealer, this will cancel out the very dark circles under your eyes. Among the best correctors are the Bobbi Brown one, which is pricey but affective, or if you’re looking for a highstreet dupe Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer and Sleek’s Corrector and Concealer Palette are also both great. Once you’ve applied your corrector put a concealer over the top, arguably the best high-end concealers are Benefit’s Boing or Erase Paste, best high-street included Collection 2000’s Lasting Perfection Concealer or Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer. With these products handy, you should be looking a lot more awake, ready for the rest of the day.

  Are you going to any festivals this summer? What are your festival beauty essentials?


As some of you may know, this year I am lucky enough to be going to Reading Festival as a Festival Reporter on behalf of Studentcom, which is all very exciting. Part of my role as a reporter is to write some articles leading up to the festival itself, so above is my article originally produced for Studentcom on Festival Beauty Essentials, I wanted to post it here so you could have a read.

Throwback Thursday: A Trip to Cambridge

One of the places that I love to visit when I’m at home for a bit is Cambridge, and so in the Easter holidays, my mum and sister came with me on a shopping trip. Cambridge is a really beautiful city, like Exeter it mixes the old and the new, the city and the country,combining huge brands with cute little trinket shops.

Driving in Cambridge I imagine is a bit of a nightmare, as there are bikes everywhere, and actually this is one of the things I love. In a weird way it’s so nice to see everyone cycling around in the sunshine on their old-fashioned bikes, and it really feels a lot a University town, which I like.





I particularly liked the look of this Burberry print bicycle….


We got to Cambridge at about 11.15 once we’d driven to the park and ride and got the bus into the city centre (the best way to do it in my view, as car parks are very pricey). We were all starving so we went into Giraffe, for some lunch. Admittedly, I’d never actually eaten at Giraffe before, mainly because I thought it was a vegan/ vegetarian restaurant – not sure what gave me that idea (!) – but my Mum assured me she’d been and really enjoyed the food. We sat down before they had started serving for lunch, but the staff where really friendly and they got us our drinks and menus whilst we waited. I went for a Mango Mama smoothie, which was absolutely delicious and I loved the little giraffe I got in my glass. My sister had the Fresh Lemonade with Mint, which she really liked aswell and it came in a cute little jam jar mug glass.




The menu was really good, there was such a wide selection of foods I found it tricky to pick something – I really love trying new vegetarian foods, which Giraffe caters really well for, but I also love a standard burger when I’m hungry. Eventually I went for the Hot “Thai” Duck Stirfry, this was really yummy with a sweet chilli jam which tasted so good. As usual I did away with the chopsticks and went straight in with a fork.


I did however manage to spill the chilli jam, on the white shirt I was wearing – major fail just before a shopping trip. Consequently I wore my shirt inside-out, underneath my leather jacket for the rest of the day, hoping no-one would notice. Apologies for the breast pic – but you get the idea.


Apart from this mini-dilemma I really enjoyed Giraffe, I think I’ll definately have to try out the one in Exeter and sample a few different dishes, the burgers and mexican food looked amazing. We were all too full for dessert, so after our meal we started our shopping trip, me trying to cover my chest as much as possible.

Shopping for me was very successful. At Uni I barely let myself in clothes shops – Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island, H&M and Zara are all strictly off limits, as I just know as soon as I walk in I’ll want everything in the shop, and then walk sadly out thinking about that top or dress for the rest of the week. Nope, student living and clothes shopping don’t mix. So when let loose in Topshop with the promise of money to spend I went a little crazy, picking up way too much stuff, and having to politely ask my poor sister to take some bits in with her to the changing room so that I could try everything on.

It was a little while ago now, but I can remember accurately that basically everything I brought was black ( great for a ‘summer wardrobe’….) I got a really lovely floral playsuit from Topshop and new leather jacket from H&M, which I wore on mine and Lewis’s trip to Dedham, a simple black vest top from Topshop, a pair of black shorts from H&M for going out with, a sweet little white striped mesh t-shirt from Primark and a big black floppy hat  and a new laptop bag from Topshop.

As well as getting some new clothes for me, we were also on the hunt for a dress for my sister which meant a visit to Jack Wills.


Personally I really love Jack Wills dresses, I got two in the sale a while back and wore one to the English Masquerade Ball and got a load of compliments about how flattering it was, so Eloise and I thought we’d have a look in there for her.



I really liked this dress on Eloise, it’s really pretty and summery and the short length shows off the fact that she’s the sibling with the legs in the family.

It was really nice to spend a day out with my mum and my sister shopping, as it’s one of the things I miss doing with them when I’m at Uni. There’s nothing like trying on a dress, walking to the end of the changing room, to have your sister and mum tell you it’s horrible in front of all the people waiting to get in. But in all seriousness it was a lovely day, I loved being able to visit Cambridge, especially on such a sunny day and I liked helping my sister pick a dress. I was very happy with all of my purchases (despite the lack of summery gear) and pleased that I finally had some new clothes.

Hope you enjoyed this throwback post. It’s something a bit different. Where are your favourite places to shop and who do you like shopping with?