This Week I’m Loving… TOPSHOP Lipstick in Mink



I would certainly say I was very happy, when I first found out that Topshop would be selling their own makeup range. With cute but simple packaging, a variety of products and colours and at a price that doesn’t make you feel too guilty, Topshop makeup is the one. I am a particular fan of their lipsticks, having now collected a few, as they are really pigmented and come in a wide range of different colours.




I picked up the lipstick in “mink” because I was looking for more of a relaxed, day to night lipstick. The colour shows up pretty well on the Topshop website and the reviews written suggest it’s a great “neutral lipstick” that “looks matte on the lips” but “feels soft and moist for a very long time”. The review did suggest that it would probably need touching up a few times, so on my first outing I took a little Real Techniques brush and the lipstick an added a bit more colour after I’d had a few drinks. As with most highstreet lipsticks I would expect to do a bit of touching up throughout the day, they don’t quite have the lasting power of, let’s say Tom Ford.


The pictures here do make it look as though it’s got a bit more of an orangey, brown tone – the Topshop website themselves describe the colour as Mocha. But as you can hopefully see in the bottom picture, it does actually have more of a dusty pinky-brown shade, which looks really pretty without looking like you’re trying too hard – Some of my friends, and bloggers I know can pull of wearing lipstick everyday, but if like me you’d rather just wear it now and then, this shade is ideal.





Hope you found this review helpful, are there any other Topshop lipsticks, or other Topshop makeup products that you’d recommend? 



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