Outfit: Daisy Print Culottes


Being at home for Easter has been pretty nice so far, although not without it’s issues – any student will know that living at home when you’re used to living “independently” is always a bit of a struggle. However, I have rather been enjoying having a bit of a relax, doing a bit of shopping, going out for lunches and taking my gorgeous cocker spaniel Beau out for some nice long walks.


As I had to get the train from Exeter home, my packing space was very limited and as a result I’ve had to acquire some new clothes/ wear my younger sisters every now and then (read: everyday). I brought these shorts from Topshop the other day with a £30 voucher, and my sister’s leather jacket has since found a new home in my own wardrobe.


 White Shirt – F&F

 Scatter Daisy Shorts – Topshop (£32.00)

Leather Jacket – Mango

Cross Necklace – Republic

 Cutout Boots – Topshop (£46.00)

Bag – Primark



Today me and my sister met up with my grandparents for a really yummy lunch at Pizza Express [ they are big fans of my 40% discount with the ol’ NUS card] and then came back and took Beau out with Lewis and his dog Hunter. We’d walked them in the sunshine around the local farmers field and they were both knackered when we got them home.


Beau (right) is nearly 4 years old now, but I still think she looks like a puppy – mainly because she’s quite short and a little on the chubby side. She often puts Hunter (left) in his place when we take them on walks together.


I hope you enjoyed this post, this is a new one for me so please let my know if you enjoyed it and if you’d like to see more….




  1. saw on twitter that this is your first outfit post and it’s a great one! i love your accessories as well! your fluffy friends are so so cute too! Also i completely understand about the having been independent and coming home bit – it’s so nice to be home but when you are home, it’s a little bit of a distraction plus you can’t do things your way any more haha x
    | Life as a Petite |

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