I haven’t really written any Student Cooking posts since my Jamie Oliver Meatball Pasta Recipe, however; I thought it was about time I put another one up as I have learnt so much over the past six months, and have even been trying out a lot of new recipes. Recently I’ve really gotten into healthy cooking at Uni, mainly because my friend Giulia cooks amazing meals with lots of veg and I was really inspired to see what healthier dishes I could make. Here food blogs, and free supermarket magazine have been extremely influential and I certainly recommend having a look at both if you’re looking for something new to try.


Here is a very quick and easy recipe for Wholemeal Pitta Bread Pizzas – which I have recently become obsessed with. They make a great alternative to pizza, allow you to pick your own toppings and can be rustled up in a flash so they make the perfect lunch or quick dinner.

This recipe takes maybe 15mins, you with need:

o  A packet of wholemeal pitta bread [much MUCH better than the white ones]

o A tube/ jar of tomato puree

o A variety of toppings: I like courgette, peppers, onions etc. but you could also have, chicken/ sausage/ bacon.

o Mozzarella Cheese [Cheddar is fine but doesn’t taste as good]

o A chopping board

o A sharp knife

o A teaspoon

o A baking tray

1. First of all you need to decide what toppings you are going to have. If you want to include any meats you will need to cook these before hand e.g. a sausage, a bit of chicken, a piece of bacon. The pitta bread is obviously small so you won’t need much, which makes this dish ideal for left over bits of meat and veg.

2. Next you need to choose if you are going to have anything with your pitta pizza. Normally I have sweet potato wedges, which take about 20 mins in the oven so I prepare them first and stick them in the oven before I chopping veg for my pizza. If you’re just having a salad or another pitta pizza, then you don’t need to worry.

3. To begin, you need to preheat your grill oven to about 180. Next you need to pick your pitta – the bigger one in the packet the better from my experience as they’re not always majorly filling.

4. Spread tomato puree on one side with the back of a spoon – usually I only use a little bit as I find tomato puree can be very bitter, then I add some italian herbs over the top to add a bit of flavour.

5. Chop up and add your toppings. One of the best things about making these is that you don’t need much of each item, maybe a 1/4 of a pepper and the same for a courgette so not too much. Usually I also use a shallot instead of wasting a whole onion.

6. When your toppings have been added, slice three pieces of mozzarella (or as much as you want) and place these on top of everything.

7. Finally take your pitta and place it on a baking tray and on top of the grill – or directly on the grill if you wish. Keep checking it every couple of minutes – you’re only really waiting for the veg to soften and for the cheese to melt so this won’t take long.


8. When it’s done, take it out of the oven and viola, you’ve made yourself a delicious 15 minute pizza. Put it on a plate with your chosen side and enjoy!


Apologies for the slightly blurry photos in my very tidy looking student kitchen, but you get the idea.

If anyone gives this a try or has made them before I’d love to hear about your favourite topping ideas.

Thanks for reading.




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