Visting Camden Town

I’m a very happy place at the moment. I had two pretty big essays in at the end of term, which was rather stressful and involved a lot of late nights. But yesterday I packed up my stuff and went London bound to stay with Lewis for the weekend before his parents drive us home and it’s been so lovely to just relax and do what I feel like doing for a while. Now I’m very much looking forward to a whole month off ( lucky me) at home, where I can just relax and revise for my exams in May.

Today me and Lewis decided to go to Camden for a wander around, as neither of us have ever been, and the weather was quite nice. Coming out of the tube station, the high street was pretty packed with people everywhere going into shops, buying food, taking pictures, buying London novelty gifts etc. We went a had a look round a few of the shops we knew: Vans, Urban Outfitters, America Apparel. I spent most of my time walking down the high street looking up at all the artwork and graffiti on the front of the shops, and turning around to look at what people were wearing – getting a little bit of outfit envy at how effortlessly cool everyone looked.


We had a look around the market and I was very tempted by all the t-shirts and vest tops with the Starbucks Logo and Celine on the front of them, particularly as most of them were being sold 3 for £10. Then we went for a walk around the river – here there were loads of different food stalls: sushi, jerk chicken, flatbreads, camel burgers, falafel, paella, crepes, doughtnuts, churros, fresh smoothies, fresh orange juice. You name it there was a stall for it and it all smelt uh-mazing. Lewis and I were particularly tempted by the crepes, but decided not to get anything.







In one of the sitting areas the side of a building had been painted with a chalkboard bucket list, where visitors could leave their  own goals. Although one was “Before I die I want to kill my husband” and another one was “Before I die I want to assault David Cameron”, with the most aspirational one being to “see all the wonders of the world”.







Around the river as well, there were a few cute little shops including a really nice little bookshop. I spent so much time in the Classics section looking for books that I have on my list for the summer, that Lewis had to drag me out. There were also a few sweet little trinket shops that I was very tempted by but sadly I didn’t take any cash with me – note to anyone who does go to Camden, cash is a bit of an essential if you want anything, because obviously a lot of these places don’t take card.





Despite how busy it was, the atmosphere around the river was really relaxed with most people just enjoying sitting in the sunshine with a cold drink in their hand. It was certainly easy to forget that we were in the centre of London.








After a bit more of exploring, we came across a Byron Burgers on a little backstreet, and decided to stop their for lunch as neither of us have ever been. I really loved the retro feel in the restaurant, with the quirky wallpaper, and school-like chairs. The staff were all really friendly. The girl that served us spent a while looking for her pen before finding she’d put it in her hair and sat on the table next to us to take our order. The burgers came pretty quickly and they were so GOOD. The only thing I regret is not choosing to have a milkshake, as everyone in there seemed to have picked to have one, which I reckon means that they’re pretty good. But the food was really nice and it was nice to have a little break.







We had a really nice little trip. I reckon we’ll probably go back to Camden again next term when I visit as I’d love to do a bit of shopping (funds permitting) and try out some of that great looking street food. How did you spend your Saturday? 




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