A Sunny Weekend in Exeter

I’m actually writing this post a week late, because this weekend is full of  essay plans so far. But last weekend, I had the most wonderful time with my boyfriend Lewis exploring Exeter and Exmouth.

He came down from London on the train late on Friday night, as I had a Masquerade Ball for English – which was so much fun. Cue pictures of me and the girls dressed up, and the amazing three course meal we had…

Please excuse the very obvious pose, I was just following the photographer's instructions. Source: Karolina Balciunaite Photography

Please excuse the very obvious pose, I was just following the photographer’s instructions.
Source: Karolina Balciunaite Photography


Tomato + Basil Soup


Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings


Apple Pie with Vanilla Custard


On the Saturday, me and Lewis we got up pretty late and went into town to do some shopping – everyone always wants to go to Jack Wills when they visit me so of course we popped in there to look at the sale and then grabbed some Costa paninis and cakes, and went and sat on the sunny Cathedral Green for a nice lunch – although it was a little bit windy for our liking.



Then we went for a little walk down to the Quay, which was surprisingly much warmer and just sat with our legs dangling over the river, listening to the buskers playing music and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. I was having one of those soppy “this is such a nice day” moments, and we sat there until about 4ish when it got a bit cooler and then walked back to the Uni. We had burgers, potato wedges and homemade garlic bread for our dinner – thanks to my marvellous cooking skills, and  ended the evening all snuggled up in my room, watching TopGear -[if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, the two-parter filmed in Burma is brilliantly funny]

Sunday, we decided to go to Exmouth on the train, which if you live in Exeter is really worth doing. With both our student railcards it only cost £2.50 each for a return ticket (the price of getting the bus into town back at home) so it was really cheap and we didn’t feel too bad about not staying for the whole day. Exmouth is a really nice beach town, with lots of nice restaurants – we stopped and had a three course lunch at Prezzo’s, which was delicious [particularly after our NUS discount had been taken off the bill], and then ventured down to the beach.




Personally I really liked the beach at Exmouth, I’d love to go back when the weather is a bit warmer. The beach itself is pretty big, and curves round in a nice way. The promenade isn’t too commercial, which was quite nice – although I’m sure in the summer there’s more ice cream vans about. We didn’t bring swimming costumes or anything, but we just went and sat on the beach for an hour or so, people -watching mostly and chatting. Lewis, being the big-kid that he is, was very excited to try out arcades, however these proved very disappointing as the 2p machines only really offered 10p Haribo sweets as prizes so we decided not to waste our money.

Again when the weather got cold we just got the train back, walked back to my flat and had a bit of a rest watching the second half of TopGear. Then in the evening we went with my flatmates out to The Old Firehouse for massive pizzas and £5 Elderflower Cider. It was a wonderful day.

Monday morning I walked/ ran with Lewis to the train station to say goodbye for another two weeks. We’ve been very fortunate this term that we’ve been able to see each other pretty much every fortnight, so it makes saying goodbye a bit easier.


Overall we had a wonderful weekend, it’s so lovely to be able to explore Exeter and the surrounding area when the weather is nice.

How are you making the most of the sunshine where you are?




  1. Such a lovely post, looks like you had the prefect weekend! My boyfriend goes to uni so we see each other about every two weeks as well 🙂 plus you’ve made me really want to visit exmouth!! Kathleen xxx

    1. Thank you lovely 🙂 It was the most wonderful weekend. As I’m sure you find, getting together every so often is always lovely and means I always have something to look forward to – even with loads of essays to write! I’d definitely recommend going to Exmouth it’s really nice there. Hopefully going to visit a few more places in the South West in May time, so i’ll try and write a few more posts on places to visit.
      Harriette xxx

  2. Aww Exmouth is so lovely, make the most of it next term if it’s warm! I love seeing other people’s blogs about Exe, it makes me so proud haha


    1. Ah yes. You’re at the Uni too right? If you’ve got any other recommendations of places to go I’d love to hear them – it’s such a lovely part of the country to be able to live in.
      Harriette xxx

      1. That’s right! Sidmouth is really nice, and Dawlish – you basically can’t go wrong with any of the beaches haha. And if you’re into food and stuff try and get to the Food & Drink Festival at the end of April cause it’s FAB! Also Dart’s Farm has the most amazing shop full of gorgeous food and bits and bobs haha


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