This Week I’m Loving… Jacava Nail Varnish in Strawberry Miroir

IMG_3767If you’ve read my This Week I’m Loving… post that featured my No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour in Neptune you will know that I have really rather fallen in love with painting my nails, after leaving my part-time job at home to move away to University, I am now allowed to paint them at my leisure, and I’ve certainly been trying out every polish I can find.

I was lucky enough to pick up this little goodie at the Bristol Bloggers Meet the other weekend, and I have been waiting for my No7 Stay Perfect Lucky Lilac Nail Varnish to chip so that I could give this one a go! The first thing I really liked was the oval shaped glass bottle and long gold that lid stands out from the rest of my nail varnish collection and makes the product look quite expensive I think. The long lid is also really useful for applying the varnish, as it’s not as bulky like your average lid and so feels more like you’re holding the other end of a make up brush.


The varnish itself I noticed pretty quickly is quite runny, this means that depending on what shade you want to go you may not need to apply that much. On first applying this nail varnish I started out with a really gorgeous pinky shade. However, as a first timer using this product I quickly got the hang of the fact that the plastic just above the brush itself [see below], picks up quite a lot of the varnish, and so halfway through applying paint to one nail a blob of varnish would drip down  the plastic onto the brush meaning that even if I wiped the brush-part of the brush before applying the varnish, I would have a lot of varnish on my nail. This for me meant that, on some nails I had a half pinky coloured section and a thicker more red section where the varnish had built up. I quickly resolved this by simply adding another coat , carefully smoothing out the redder area to cover the whole nail. Surprisingly this was much easier to correct than some of my more unforgiving polishes and the result just looked as though I has applied several coats of paint.




Overall, I was really impressed with this nail varnish, it’s quite runny but highly pigmented. Although, £11 is more than I would usually pay for a nail varnish, I would argue that the quality of the product is definitely worth paying for – one of my friends actually asked me if I’d had my nails done professionally because the colour is so rich and glossy, and was surprised to discover I’d just painted them quickly myself in my bedroom whilst procrastinating. Also, the consistency of the varnish means that you could get a range of different shades out of only one bottle, indeed the pinky shade I started off with was gorgeous, but looked nothing like the actual colour in the bottle, which had to be recreated through several coats. Another bonus is that it drys a lot quicker than my No7 polishes, and after applying it on Thursday, [I’m writing this post on Sunday] I have yet to experience any chips. Having never used any Jacava products before I was very impressed, although I will certainly need a bit of practice with the brush if I want to go for a lighter shade next time- if you’d like to check out Jacava nail polishes and their other shades click here.

photo 1-10

Hope you enjoyed this post, has anyone else tried Jacava nail polishes? Did you like them?

If you were at the Bristol Bloggers Meet I’d love to hear what you thought of your shade.




  1. Great review! I really love the way that you’ve photographed the product.
    I have a creamy shade, but I’ve only had a chance to slap on one coat so far which isn’t really enough to make it opaque, so I’m looking forward to trying it properly!

    Emily x –

    1. Thanks Emily! Haha I was going a bit photo crazy, but I’ve been trying to practice a bit. Ooh you’ll have to do a post on it when you get a chance, I’d like to see how the other colours turn out.

      Harriette xxx

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