Bristol Bloggers Meet

On Sunday and after a lot of organisation I went to my first ever Bloggers meet. I am at University in Exeter, which isn’t too far away from Bristol but I had to go home for the weekend for the Orthodontist so my wonderful Dad drove me all the way to Bristol on Sunday morning. I wore my Topshop Daisy Dress and my new Topshop [ i do wear other brands honest!] Moni Cut Out Leather Boots.

photo 1-8

The Meet, organised by the lovely Emily Stoker from Pretty Please Blog and events organiser Phil McCormick was held in Revolution – a really pretty and newly refurbished bar. I hadn’t gone with anyone and so felt a bit awkward walking in, but I soon got chatting with lots of other bloggers, which was lovely. In particular I met Melody, Kim and Beky who were all really nice.We had our own little mezzanine above the main bar, with our own little bar where we could order drinks and food to be brought upstairs.

photo 1-7

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

I picked up a great cocktail, Cranberry Fizz which came in this really sweet jam-jar style mug and tasted pretty strong. Putting it down on the table for a while so I didn’t have to hold it all the time, I noticed a few bloggers taking photos of it. In fact, it was quite funny how normal it was for everyone to be taking photos of/ videoing everything all day.

photo 1-4

photo 2-6

Mostly we sat on comfy sofas and chatted, but there was also a Lush table with all kinds of testers and new Easter-themed products, which smelled amazing! Natalia, founder of iamsociable (a business aimed at helping creatives seek their potential) and some of her friends gave use some great blogging tips and made Vine videos of us saying our names and our blog URLs. We all got a bit peckish around 3ish so we ordered some food, I had sweet potato wedges because I love them.

photo 1-5

photo 2-5

Towards the end of the day Emily and Phil did a raffle, allowing us to purchase tickets in order to win some beauty goodies and donating the proceeds to charity.

Finally it was time to go, and my drinking in the middle of the day had made me pretty tired so I said goodbye to everyone and Emily gave us these amazing goodie bags to take home with us. I’m certainly looking forward to trying everything out and posting up my thoughts. Hopefully these goodies will keep me away from the very tempting Boots 3 for 2 offers that are on at the moment….


Overall I had a really lovely day and was very pleased that I went. Thank you very much to Emily and Phil organising such a lovely event, I hope to go to more in the future! If like me you don’t really know many other bloggers, but spy a meet coming up in your local area I would definitely encourage people to go as it’s a great way to meet other bloggers that share similar interests to you – plus the goody bags are fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed this post.



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