How to dress with elegance. *

My sister’s prom is coming up soon [well, in July but you’ve got to start looking for these things early!], and so I have been enlisted to help her find a dress. Picking a dress for prom is always a bit difficult, the most important thing is that you don’t want a dress that anyone else has, generally you want to be fairly comfortable in it for the whole day, but also to look very pretty – and for us, not to spend too much money. Whereas some of my friends spent £2,000 on dresses, generally I find that you can find very elegant dresses for a much cheaper price. Obviously you want to spend more than you’d normally spend on a dress, but sometimes it’s nice to find a style that you can wear again and again, I know I’ve worn my prom dress several times since the actual prom.

We came across Victoria’s Dresses online and we were immediately drawn in by their celebrity section [most of which are currently on sale]. These dresses are great copies of the elegant dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet and so they are guaranteed to look unique at any prom or social event.

victoriasdress 1

This gorgeous one-shoulder, coral-coloured dress looks very sophisticated and unique. Its pleated skirt gives it a light, flowing look ideal for the summer. Here it has been matched with a bit of silver sparkle, for a pretty, feminine style.


Short, but sexy this cream with lace, wrap around grecian-style dress is ideal for girls who prefer a shorter length, it’s pretty and fun and would look great worn with heels for a prom or just out at a cocktail party.

victoriasdresses 4This beautiful emerald green slimline maxi-dress will certainly stand out in a prom photo. It’s very flattering and looks great with blonde hair. It would be ideal for a summery ball, especially when worn with a delicate statement necklace.

victoriasdress5Finally, this elegant A-line sweetheart chiffon dress in slate grey with embellishment looks beautiful with hair-up drawing attention to the dress and shoulders.

There are a wide range of different dresses available from Victoria’s Dresses, but these are some of my favourites. Each dress has the option of being custom-made for the customer to ensure that it will fit them on arrival, and you can also pick virtually any dress and order it in any colour as well – helping to create a really unique dress. The prices of the majority of dresses are under £200, which is pretty reasonable compared to average prom-shops. The website appears to have a lot of sales on at the moment,with some dresses being reduced to up to 65% percent, and customers can expect free shipping if they spend over £200.

I hope you enjoyed this post or found it helpful if your currently shopping for prom/ evening dresses. Which of the above is your favourite dress?



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