How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home [Part 1]

Hello. So I’ve wanted to do this post for ages but there’s so much to say and it’s been hard to take nice photos with all the rain in Exeter at the moment so I’ll be covering this topic in a series of posts.

As a first year, trying to settle in at Uni has been really important, and personally for me this meant creating a room that I like to be in.  Unlike alot of my other Uni friends, I have brought pretty much all of the stuff that I own to Uni [which I originally just assumed everyone would do]. Consequently, my room at home is pretty bare (just  a bed and an empty wardrobe), but for me at least it was important to get myself set up here properly so that I would see it as my own space, and my home.

Here are a few of my ideas if you’re at Uni or you’re going in September about how to make your room feel like home:


1. Pick some really nice bed linen. I got this Cath Kidston Duvet set in the Williams and Griffins sale back home and I feel it just really makes my room look pretty and cosy. I only have three duvet sets at Uni so I picked my favourites. If you don’t want to splash out too much, but want a nice new one, places like Primark, Sainsbury’s and Asda have been offering really pretty, inexpensive duvet sets recently. I got the Jack Wills pillow a couple of years ago in the Christmas sale and it just adds a nice little touch, and is handy if people come over.


2. Pin it. Before coming to Uni I was really excited to have a cool pinboard with lots of photos and posters up. At home I have a whole wall college so I was keen to bring bits with me to add touches to my pinboard. Pretty much every Uni room has a pinboard so it’s worth making use of. Most of this stuff came straight of my walls at home, the metal signs on the left hand side of the top picture, and the wooden “LOVE” sign I just picked up years ago in cute little shops. The “posters” are actually pieces of wrapping paper – the one on the left hand side I picked up at the New York Public Library as it has a map of the streets in New York, which reminds me of all the great days I had out there.




3. Keep little bits. For about 3 years [maybe more] I kept this little hat box in my room, full of ticket stubs, festival wristbands, old photos, postcards etc. with the intention of one day putting them all up on my wall. At the moment I have: the ticket stub from when I saw Florence and the Machine; a bookmark with the list of the Latitude Festival 2012 line up on it; a museum pamphlet from the Museum of Modern Art, New York; some of my favourite photos from V Festival 2013; and postcards from Lewis etc.  When I first went to Uni this was actually one of the things I left behind, but my mum posted it to me with a couple of chocolate bars and I spent an hour or so just going through it all picking my favourite items. It’s really nice to just have little memories of what I did over the summer  all over my wall, and I’ve got loads of stuff to keep adding to it. Of course, there are loads of different things that you can do with a pinboard – one of my friends has a really nice pinboard of all her gap year photos, and my flatmate Giulia has a range of different pictures that she took on her Polaroid last term and is building a collection of Uni photos – each with a cute little hand-written caption underneath.

NOTE: The one thing I would say about pinboards is that it is worth getting some good pins! Unfortunately cute animal ones for Paperchase, however lovely they are, I have found are not the best. If you have a pinboard next to your bed like me, you really want to find some good ones that stay in the wall so you don’t wake up with pins all over your bed.

4. Create some ambiance. Now I know this sounds a little flirty, but I have found it’s really important to get some softer lighting in my room. The main light is good but it can be a bit much, and the light by my desk is brighter than the sun. So in freshers week I got myself a cheap little lamp in Homebase, strung up my [technically not very allowed] fairy lights. So now on the odd night in when I just want to sit in bed and browse some blogs, or sometimes even when I’m writing an essay. I can pop these lights on and just create a really calm, cosy atmosphere in my room, which I really like.

Well there are some of my first little tips for how to make your Uni room feel like home, simple but hopefully helpful. I would love to know what you’ve done to make your Uni room or even just your bedroom at home personal to you.




    1. Thanks Helen 🙂 It’s just really nice to have a space of my own at Uni, I think doing up your room can really help you settle in and feel more comfortable. There will probably have to be a Part 2, and perhaps a Part 3 to this post as I have so much stuff in here!

      Harriette xx

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