What’s in my Handbag

I have been meaning to do this post for as I have recently investing I what i would call a REAL handbag – that is not just a small shoulder bag for lugging stuff around. I kept picking this bag up in Ricer Island, I am a big fan of their bags as they are stylish and very well made. In fact, my mum brought me one half way through my first year of college as all my others kept breaking and it has lasting me all the way through. I still use it ever day for Uni to carry my books and my laptop, and this weekend I’ve packed it to come and visit my boyfriend – so if you’re looking for a new bag  I recommend investing!


What I really liked about his bag was the crocodile/ snake print and the zip detail at the bottom, the pink lining inside is a gorgeous colour too, and it has plenty of zips and space inside for keeping all my bits together


Of course what I keep in my bag changed on a regular basis dependding on what I’m doing it might have some more makeup in there or scrunched up, half-written shopping lists – but these are the basics. One of my going-to-Uni presents to myself was this Cath Kidston purse, which I bought off John Lewis. It’s a very pretty and importantly very sturdy purse that stops my coins falling out ( previous Accersorize purse experience) and holds my many, many cards for every different shop – I am a BIG fan of any type of loyalty of stamp card, which we get me free stuff and so my purse is FULL. Also as a student I have my Uni Card, my NUS card, my Railcard etc, so I need a lot of space to keep everything together. As you can see I really like Cath Kidston products, as I also have a CK lanyard for my keys. This proved to be a good purchase as everyone at my Uni uses lanyard for their keys – I can be useful to wear them around your neck on nights out, especially if like me, you often where outfit with no pocket and don’t want to take a bag. the Paperchase Cupcake key ring was from my friend Giulia to thank me for sorting out all our house viewing this term.

I brought my Diary in the M&S sale as I thought it was a really cute size, and I wanted a nice diary to help me plan and remember everything. Plus, having a diary in my bad makes me feel very busy and important – particularly when I have to check said diary in order to let someone know when I’m free.


This Vaseline is great for the cold whether and goes with all my other pink products in my bag.


Finally two of my favourite things to have to hand are my Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream and my Marc Jacobs Honey tester. I got my Soap and Glory Hand Cream on Boxing Day at Boots in a collection called the Bubble Barrel, which came with other product like shampoo, body lotion and body butter, and absolutely fell in love with it’s gorgeous smell. It’s great for when my hands feel all dry and horrible, and it doesn’t irritate my skin like some other hand creams. As for the Honey tester, I absolutely love Marc Jacobs perfumes, my favourite being Daisy, but after using this tester frequently I am very much considering purchasing a full sized bottle or looking for solids or smaller versions that might be available for my handbag.

So there you have it, these are the items I love to carry around with me everyday. Hope you enjoyed the post, and have a lovely weekend!

P.S. I have written this post on my boyfriend’s iPad and it have taken me absolutely ages so kudos to anyone who frequently blogs on an iPad, I am rubbish at it.




  1. Beauitiful bag – very jealous! I love buying new handbags as it makes me feel like a young professional and makes up for the thousands of receipts and empty sweet wrappers in all of my other bags! You’ve given me the bug to treat myself now – if I spend all of my months wages in one go I’ll blame it on you 😉 xx

    1. Thank you lovely. It was my Boxing Day not-even-in-the-sale present to myself haha. I agreed I always feel so professional when I get a new bag, like people are looking at me and think I have some fabulous career. So far it’s not full of old receipts but it feels like it’s only a matter of time. Haha very sorry, send me a pic if you do! xxx

      1. I always say that it’s important to treat myself – you probably deserved the bag! If anything you needed the bag to enhance the perception of you as a young professional – it’ll help your career! Will do – I’ve got my eye on a few already 🙂 xx

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