This Week I’m Loving… No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour in Neptune

Recently unemployed due to my move to University, I have been enjoying the strange novelty that is painting my nails – something that sadly was forbidden at my previous place of work. As a result, I had very few nail varnishes to my name, only a few sparkly Topshop ones, and a few No7 Stay Perfect shades of pink from my Nan. Through my sessions of procrastination at University, I have managed to try them all out and as a result treated myself this weekend to a few new ones.

I went for the No7 brand among the vast array of different nail polishes because although it can take a while to dry properly (you have to be patient!) I found that it does not appear to chip so quickly or as badly as my Topshop and Barry M varnishes.

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Varnish in Neptune [navy/grey].

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Varnish in Neptune [navy/grey].

This nail varnish is a gorgeous navy blue colour, which I really like for winter. It’s easy to apply although the brush is quite large, which I have read in reviews has put some people off but actually I didn’t find it anymore troublesome than a normal brush. It was easily to apply the varnish easily and thickly giving an opaque colour with the first coat and covering my awfully chipped pink nail varnish underneath.

Overall I would definitely recommend No7 nail polishes as they are hard wearing and come in a great variety of shades. They are about £6.00 or £7.00 each which may seem a little expensive but I certainly think it is worth it, and if you do what I did and get them on 3 for 2 you can grab a good selection to last you for a while.


  • good range of colours;
  • good, even, opaque coverage;
  • long-lasting without chips.


  • can take a while to dry properly without smudging;
  • larger applicator brush does suit all;
  • expensive?

Comment below if you’ve tried No7 nail varnish, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Or if there’s any other good brands you could recommend to me ?

Harriette Xxx



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