First Visit Home From Uni



Coming home from Uni is HARD, there are no two ways about it. I stupidly planned to spend this Friday-Wednesday seeing my boyfriend for the first time in 6 weeks but also going home for the first time in as long. Cue emotional wreck. To any of you future Uni students out there, I do not recommend trying to do both at once for the first time. On the other hand however, I am pleased that I did manage to wait for 6 weeks before coming home, as I really didn’t realise how difficult I would find it and I feel that if I had come back any earlier I might not have wanted to go back to Uni at all. [Just realised this is my first post about Uni and I don’t hate it, I totally love it! but…] coming home is difficult because you slip back into your patterns of life so easily, so that whatever time you’ve spent at Uni, even if it’s been a whole 6 weeks melts away to nothing, as if you’ve just been on holiday PLUS everyone treats you like it’s your birthday (cakes, roasts, meals out, shopping) which makes it even harder. I have to keep reminding myself that I really do want to give up this life for one 6 hours away where I have to make my own food and wash up after myself.

The most difficult thing about being here, especially with my double-whammy of boyfriend/ family is that you don’t want to upset people by letting them know that you’re upset. You know that everyone’s making this special effort (see bracket above) and they’re all so happy to see you and know how you’re getting on and at the same time you want to tell them how much you’ll miss them when again you have to go.

I personally picked a Uni that was so far away so that I would have to suck it up when I felt homesick, that I couldn’t just come home in the middle of the day because I wanted to see my parents. Everyone has different preferences, some people who live close to my Uni do choose to go home every week or every two weeks and there’s nothing wrong with that but for others it isn’t healthy.

The thing I need to remember and the thing that anyone who’s ever in this situation needs to remember is that it does get easier, humans are amazing at adapting and even if it’s difficult at first you will be OK. And it’s definitely OK to have a little cry now and then and tell people how you feel, especially the ones you love, that’s what they are there for!! And University is honestly a great experience in all ways and a great way to ease you into this life of independence and rapid change that will progress for the rest of your adult life.

As easy as it would be to sit on my mum’s sofa wayyy into my 20s eating all of her lovely food and watching telly and working part-time/ full-time, I know (cheesy) that nothing will beat that day when I finish my academic career with my family members beside me all proud of the adult that I have become. And who knows I might have a bit of fun along the way.



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