Ta-Ta For Now


It would certainly be a movie cliche to say that I “hate goodbyes”. Though certainly no one likes goodbyes unless they’re leaving a crap office job and everyone’s clubbed together to buy them a cake and a couple of pints at the local. For me at least, goodbyes fall into two main categories: sad and awkward. Goodbyes for me are generally awkward because I don’t know how to hug people: do I go for the manly one armed embrace, or wrap both arms around them so tightly that they might assume I have been concealing some secret love for them up until this point of contact.


Saying goodbye to a person is especially awkward when deep down inside you are actually thrilled to be getting rid of them for good and thus find it difficult or even humorous to tell them that you’re “really going to miss them” whilst actually thinking about that celebratory drink you might have to mark the moment that they made their departure from your life.


It is the sad goodbyes that I frankly can’t handle and yet as I am starting University at the end of this week I find myself bombarded with them on a daily basis: the people at work, my boyfriend’s family… my own family… my boyfriend. As a result I am finding myself getting embarrassingly sentimental about everything ( though in my defence my mum is ten times worse as almost on a daily occurrence now she gives a sigh and uses the phrase ” I suppose this is the last time we’ll do this for a while”) I must admit however that on my arrival or perhaps a few days after I have settled in, I am likely to pick up my favourite mug which she has remembered to pack away with me, and reflect on how we have both been moved, somewhat dishevelled from our home which is now over a 6 hour drive away and shed rather a large amount of tears, before making a large cup of tea with a very generous amount of sugar.

uni box

The truth I suppose, as everyone knows and learns in life is that *cue movie cliche* nobody likes goodbyes but everybody in their life has to deal with them however awkward or sad. And I’m sure that pretty soon i’ll be settled in a Uni, desperately trying to shove all of the mess on my floor under my bed so that my mum doesn’t see it when I talk to her on FaceTime…

Harriette xxx


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