Student Cooking : Pasta + Sausage Meatballs (Jamie Oliver recipe)

This week I am attempting to learn to cook in preparation for University –> baring in mind I’m the type of girl that can burn a fried egg I was rather impressed I managed to pull off this very simple and delicious Jamie Oliver recipe for Pasta + Sausage Meatballs…


This recipe takes about 30 mins. You will need:

o A packet of sausages [plain/flavoured]

o 1 or 2 tins of chopped tomatoes

o an onion

o a small/ medium frying pan

o a large frying pan

o a medium sized saucepan

o colander/ large sieve

1. To begin take a packet of sausages and decide how many you are going to use. For the two of us I used 3 sausages, separating each into 5 fairly equal sized balls so that I had 15 meatballs.

2. Next heat some oil in a frying pan, only use a tiny bit if the pan is non-stick ( you’ll need a bit more if it’s not) then put your meatballs into the pan and turn the heat right up, if it starts spitting turn it down a bit.

3. Keep turning the sausages with a fork until they are brown on both sides.

Image 1

To test if they are cooked: take the biggest meatball and cut it in half – is the middle hot?

4. When the meatballs are nearly done put some oil and some chopped onions in a pan and heat.

Image 3

5. Meatballs done? Turn the heat right down to about a 2.

6. The onions will be done when they have turned from the whitish colour until they are almost clear. Now open your tin of chopped tomatoes and pour the contents into the pan with the onions. See the instructions on the back of the tin but chopped tomatoes roughly take 3-4 minutes in a pan and it is important to make sure it doesn’t boil ( when large bubbles appear all over the pan).

7. After the 4 mins are up put the meatballs in the pan with the sauce and the onions and turn the heat down low.

8. Now for the pasta [ we used fresh pasta but dried is usually cheaper and will last much much longer – for best instructions see the back of the pack] but basically you need to boil the kettle with water, pick a big saucepan and put your pasta in and pour the boiling water into the saucepan.

9. Turn the heat up on your saucepan until the water boils [large bubbles appear and a thin layer of foam]. If you put a lid on the saucepan make sure it only covers half of the saucepan as otherwise it might bubble over. Now set your timer for how long the pasta takes to cook ( usually roughly 4 mins)

10. When the pasta is done, take the saucepan and pour the contents into a colander or sieve, over a sink to drain the water. Take the sauce off the heat and serve the pasta and the sauce together for best results.

And there you have it, this recipe is quick simple, healthy and absolutely delicious!

Image 4

I would love to know if anyone has tried this recipe. I will be posting more about my student cooking so watch this space! I would also be interesting to read other student cooking blogs so please drop a comment below if you have one.

Harriette xxx


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