18 thoughts on turning 18


In the spirit of The Guardian’s Sophie Heawood and with my own birthday just passing, here I have complied a list of 18 thoughts on turning 18…

1) The best advice I’ve had so far is that everything happens for a reason, despite the fact that the majority of the time it is a concept that I don’t believe in, it encourages me to carry on when things get tough.

2) Never holdback sending an email asking for an internship or work experience or a job, sometimes it’s those cheeky emails that might work to kickstart something which could be your future career.

3) Always listen to your mother, as much as I sometimes still hate it, she’s generally right and I wouldn’t go to anyone else if I had a moral dilemma.

4) Close friends do not make good boyfriends but sometimes acquaintances do.

5) Getting drunk and not remembering the night, does not guarantee it was a good night.

Me on the left totally sober...

Me on the left totally sober…

6) Having a friend who you can go without seeing for weeks and then chat to non-stop is invaluable.

7) Working hard pays off, A levels are damned hard but right now I’ve got an 8 week summer holiday planned and there’s nothing like that good feeling on results day.

8) I can never quite decide whether I’m ready to leave home yet, but neither does anyone else my age.

9) Smoking and drugs are gross, it never will be cool to have yellow fingernails and teeth nor to pay £200+ to go to a festival only to spend the entire weekend hotboxing in your tent.

10) In life you have to put up with people you don’t like

11) Grandparents have so many stories to tell, and many are a lot more interesting than they first sound. One day I hope my grandchildren will be interested enough to listen to me talk.

12) There are people in my life right now that I wish I could keep forever.

13) I have seen what anorexia did to my close friend and recognise the importance in feeling comfortable in my own skin and staying healthy and happy.

14) High heels hurt so much to wear but they make me taller and my legs look longer so like every other woman I shall buy plasters and innersoles and struggle on.

15) Working as a checkout girl at an upmarket supermarket I have realised that talking to customers is important, particularly those who are elderly. I might be the only person they speak to all day.

16) There’s nothing like seeing a band live and outside in the warm summer air – that is my idea of happiness.

17) It’s important to tell people how important they are to me.

18) I’m the only one responsible for what happens next…



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