To shop online, or not to shop online… that is the question.


As we’re all aware online shopping is taking over with the majority of large shops doing next-day, free delivery what more could we ask for? Some retail websites are offering product exclusives, a wide range of store information, they can tell us what’s in stock, when it’ll  be in next, what other shops are selling it for and improve their price based on that, they allow us to compare items,read either the very complimentary or absolutely slating customer reviews and some sites such as ASOS even provide catwalk videos, so you can witness the frock you want to buy being wore by a skeletal model who looks nothing like you  but is demonstrating how this product is going to look on you anyway. In short, the online world of shops is booming – but why can’t they all catch up?


There are of course – as with anything – a few negatives with online shopping, for one, those shops who have not yet caught on with the free delivery to your local store  which the likes of Next and John Lewis employ, can have extortionate delivery costs of as much as £4.99 extra on the product which you already feel a bit guilty for buying because it’s a little too expensive.

Also if you’re like me and you have an ugly student card from your college with gets you fantastic discounts in shops but haven’t yet forked out for an official NUS card then you can’t use your precious student discount online which on sites such as Urban Outfitters which offer up to 20% can be very upsetting…

jack wills sd

But if you can cope with the little bit extra cost on top of your product for the postage – or maybe you’ve found a handy promotional code to deduct 20% off your bill, and you’ve selected standard delivery which can be roughly between 3-6 working days, but you’ve ordered it on a Friday, you then have to wait until the following week and possibly even the week after that to receive your item . Not to mention that rising fury and/ or bitter disappointment when you get home from college/ work to a small red slip waiting just inside the door with one of the optional boxes ticked and which ever relative that’s been home all day telling you the bell doesn’t work or they were hoovering.

royal mail

Thankfully the Royal Mail and other companies have recently implemented a policy where packages can be left with neighbours, which [provided you get on with them] is much better than having to visit the post office to collect your parcel. And when you finally get home and  unwrap the plastic envelope to open your carefully wrapped present and try it on, it’s too big/small and it’s £4.99 to sent to it back to them unwanted.

In many ways it is beginning to feel easier to just walk into a shop, see something, try it on and buy it, no delivery charges, no fuss.

Though I must admit I am one of those shoppers who will scour the clothing shops website, browsing products and then go searching for specific things instore, only to be disappointed when I can’t find them in the shops and have to buy them online anyway.


And so it seems I can’t win, either way shopping can be frustrating, but as long as there’s nothing like being paid and treating yourself to something new, I will carry on in my crusade and just hope some of my favourite sites, might learn to keep up with the times.


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