We are the reckless, we are the wild youth – chasing visions of our futures…


I’m just going to go right out and say it, I love songs with amazing lyrics and I love the people that write those songs and more than anything I love those days were you find a song that you’ve heard in an advert, or a friend has sent you, or just randomly on YouTube and you think “Wow, that was truly amazing”.

I admit it the first time my friend Lewis sent me Lana Del Ray’s “Video games” telling me to “check it out” I was pretty skeptical but it was truly unlike anything I have ever heard before in my life and I have grown to love it.

However, I also love those quiet, little-known acts who’s EP you can download for free because they haven’t made the big time. People who have written songs since their teens and just want to show them to the world.


Tom Rosenthal for example, was an artist I discovered when his beautiful song “Take Care” featured in the last series of Channel 4’s “Skins” creating this wonderful moment of television and I tried very hard to remember bits of the chorus whilst I was listening to it, so that I might find it and play it over and over until I was in love. I have consequently brought his album and found several other songs that I love, including the instrumental  piano song “Painting Song For Nicola” which I have found an excellent companion whilst writing many essays, particularly in the noise of the college library!

Listen to some of his songs here: http://www.tomrosenthal.co.uk/#/music


Another amazing artist I was introduced to via a friend was Rae Morris from Blackpool, who is not only an excellent singer/songwriter, but she is also BEAUTIFUL and you can download an EP full of songs such as her amazing “Walls” for absolutely FREE people, if you sign up to the mailing list ( and personally I would have paid for it!) Here’s the link: http://www.raemorris.co.uk/


Finally – perhaps my very most favorite band that I have had the pleasure of coming across in recent years is Daughter an indie-folk band with lead singer Elena Tonra who I also found on “Skins” – hey it’s a good programme for music –  with her simply amazing  song “Youth” which includes thought provoking lyrics. If you check out one song from reading this blog, please make it this one. This song could easily be mistaken for some beautiful poem about the difficulties facing young people. I saw this wonderful artist live at Latitude and instantly felt this the quality of her writing and her songs are TOO GOOD to be ignored. Other good songs include: “Run”, “Candles” and “Medicine”.

 But overall I love this kind of music. Songs where the lyrics really seem to resonate with you, making you feel uplifted or thoughtful about some aspect of life. These are the songs that I get banned from listening to with my standard Spotify account, the songs that I seek out on my iPod to play on beautiful sunny days or to fit particular moods, the artists that I look for in the small print of a festival line-up. These are the artists that matter. And this is music that is important, and as much as we are told to support small businesses we must also support these rising stars of the music industry, treasuring the fact that there are still these people that can write beautiful, touching lyrics as well as sing them well. And remember that huge stars like Mumford and Sons and Ed Sheeran where were they are write now, humbly writing songs and singing anywhere and everywhere just to be heard. AND WHO SAID THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WAS DEAD?

P.S. –> If your more into the indie-rock genre I have recently found this brilliant  alternative band from Essex “Catrinas”. Here is a link to their website: http://www.catrinas.co.uk/#!music/c10twincase you fancy a listen. The lead singer Michael Hemmings writes a lot of the songs and they are excellent – I particularly recommend “TCVCR”

Harriette x


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