I’m Loving…Cut-Out Boots


Cut-out Boots are set to be a BIG trend for spring/summer 2013 as inspired by Balenciaga.  ( think of how big creepers were at the end of last year) And I for one will be looking to rustle up some monies to purchase myself a pair of these beauties!

As demonstrated by the likes of Rihanna, 90210’s Shenae Grimes and Mary-Kate Olsen these boots can bring a sense of the effortlessly cool to any outfit whether they are grunging down a floral summer dress or adding a sexy flash of ankle to a pair of black ripped skinny jeans.

Mary Kate Olsen wear Balenciaga cut-out boots$1275

Mary Kate Olsen wear Balenciaga cut-out boots

However, if like me, the designer boots are a bit beyond your price range, fear not! there are plenty of excellent high street alternatives

to purchase now :

topshop boots

Aftershock Cutout Lace-up Boots- £85

Topshop already have a great range of Cutout Boots available on their website.

I first came across these Aftershock Cutout Lace-up Boots when a girl in my media class walked in with them on, combining them with blue skinnies and a knitted jumper for a casual and understated look. These shoes are slightly more elegant, it could be argued than the Balenciaga boots and the contrasting sole makes them even more on-trend. Could be easily paired with a summer dress for a quick and easy chic style.

ARISTOTLE Chunky Tassle Boots - £98

ARISTOTLE Chunky Tassle Boots – £98





Complete with tassles, gold buckles and brogue-detailing, these chunky Aristotle boots have somewhat more of a grunge-feel about them. Might be styled with black skinny jeans, a black top and leather jacket with a messy fish tail plait for that ultimate dressed-down grunge look or simply a pair of acid-washed high waisted shorts and a band t-shirt, ready to hit the festivals.

To avoid being too Topshop-centric [although they do have the best range as far as Cutout boots are concerned!]

Here are some other brands:

Brown Cut Out Back Biker Boots -£60

Brown Cut Out Back Biker Boots -£60



These River Island Brown Biker Boots are slightly different with their cut-out heel. The brown faux leather, pointed toe and buckles give these boots more of the resemblance of  a cowboy boot, meaning they are likely to be spot-on trend for summer as wild west/cowboy inspired style always appears to be a strong trend come the summer.

Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots - £34.99

Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots – £34.99






For girls on a budget these Misguided Peonny Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots are ideal for keeping up with the trends without breaking the bank, and these contrasting soles work perfectly. If there are a particular pair that you like on the Topshop website, keep an eye out on Misguided as they tend to make good copies.


So there you go, there are a wide variety of cut-out boots available and the ones shown here are only a few. However, if you do like any of these pairs you’d better get to those online checkouts quick as the large majority of pairs are running out of stock. Enjoy!

Harriette xx


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