Aubin + Wills shutdown


Well it seems to have been confirmed that Aubin + Wills, sister company to English label Jack Wills, has finally ceased trading, after it was announced it would do so back in October last year.

As described in the Telegraph :”the label offer[ed]  well-made, grown-up take on preppy style through elegant coats and knitwear for men and women, with a quintessentially British red fox as its logo”

I for one will be rather sad to see this company go with it’s quaint little shops, tucked away in the middle of nowhere,  and the Aubin + Wills almanac’s with celebrity models such as yummy cookery-mummy Sophie Dahl, ex-Blur musician Alex James, and stunning Snow White and the Huntsman actress Liberty Ross [ I mean Kristen Stewart? What was he really thinking? Look at his wife!]  Once I even purchased a wonderful pair of blue denim jeans from the sweetest little shop hidden away in Covent Garden. On purchase they were wrapped and sealed in company tissue paper, put into a small paper bag and passed to me across the counter as if they were something  truly precious.

liberty ross

Liberty Ross modelled for Aubin + Wills as part of there Christmas swansong

But far from this just being a British clothing brand, the Aubin and Wills in East London even has it’s own cinema, complete with all the luxuries of velvet sofas and chairs, plumped up with Aubin & Wills cushions and blankets, and a bar serving cocktails and wines. The cinema itself offers “a broad range of quality mainstream and art house films and features popular titles that are critically acclaimed and eagerly anticipated by filmgoers”, playing a selection of indie films and classics such as “Some Like It Hot” featuring Marilyn Monroe. Although you might have a stump up a few pounds if you were thinking of paying a visit, as the box office charges per sofa.

cinema cinema 2

It has not yet been confirmed what the plans are for this cinema, however all of Aubin + Wills shops spread across the nation are now closing down, with Jack Wills planning to fill as many as possible.

In a way it seems almost surreal to see all of these well- known brands leaving our British highstreets, with the likes of Woolworths and more recently HMV already going. What remains is the relief that you never bought a gift card that you would no longer be able to redeem and the old Aubin + Wills almanacs and paper shopping bags, which have now merely become relics of the past.



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