Month: January 2013

Urban Decay + Makeup Tips

Got my makeup done today at the Urban Decay makeup stand in my local Debenhams as part of this special promotion thing, which was really nice! I had heard about the Naked eyeshadow palettes and wanted to try them out. The lady really knew her stuff, and gave me lots of advice on blusher and primer and blending different eyeshadows, I felt like a total novice! Was really pleased with the final results as a makeup artist is waayy better at my makeup than I am, although I did feel slightly guilted into buying the Pore Perfecting: complexion primer potion (see below) currently looking for anyone who fancies buying me their Good Karma Optical Blending Brush. Please?

urban decay.makep

OK so apparently most of the makeup advice I was given was obvious, but incase like me you have pretty much no idea about most things here are some things I learnt:

1> Wearing a primer is very important as it helps to even out the texture of your skin, making it smooth so that foundation is easier to apply and more even. It also helps your foundation stay on longer, so if you’re like me and your bags under your eyes slowly become visible throughout the day, it should prove very useful!

2> Using a foundation brush can be helpful as it allows for even courage and means you should only need a little foundation per application.

3> An eyebrow shadow applied with a brush will be less severe than using a pencil for shaping your eyebrows for daytime.

4> Light neutral-toned eyeshadows make for great highlighters in the arch under your eyebrow.

5>Applying lipstick with a lip brush is much easier than using the lipstick directly and avoids wobbly mistakes.

6> Choosing an eyeliner/eyeshadow carefully can really help bring out the colour of your eyes!  (Today I was advised to choose a deep plum coloured eye-crayon to help bring out the green of my eyes)

Hope this has been helpful to any of those makeup newbies.

Harriette xx